The LOST Contractor

The Lost Service Contractor

Most contractors, techs and sales people are freakin’ suffering out there!  If not suffering, they’re certainly not very happy with the way things are.  How do I come to this conclusion? You and I see it every day in the contracting industry. It manifests itself in the massive amount of turnover we are all suffering through. Employees and owners certainly are not earning the money they daydreamed they would while going through trade school or when they first started their business.

What was once so filled with promise and opportunity is now filled with people who sometimes can barely pay their bills. How ridiculous is that?!

That is why we wrote this e-book which was first released in 2006. This e-book shatters the myths that has been perpetrated on contractors and their employees for decades.  If you are an average Technician or salesperson then I’m sure you know all the myths and excuses that there are to know. But with these myths and excuses you will only achieve average or below average results.

If you want OUTSTANDING results then then you must read the special report called the “Lost Contractor.” The principles and fundamentals in this material are more true today than they ever were.

This free report is a must read for all service contractors!

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Joe Crisara is The HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical Service Contractor "Sales Whisperer." He is a sales educator and entrepreneur, has a style will leave you with the impression that he is either a member of your family, or someone that you have met before. When reading or listening to Joe's work you will undoubtedly hear the "ring of truth."

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Joe and his partner Julie have developed a sales educational firm and website for hvac, plumbing and electrical service contractors, that continues to help thousands of owners, managers, service techs and sales people in the hvac, plumbing and electrical contracting business create high revenue and personal income. He helps them to understand and utilize the principles of persuasion, selling, presentation and closing.

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