8 Canvassing Tips For Contractors

canvassing for contractors

Canvassing is a hard but very cost effective marketing and sales tool that many home improvement contractors should be implementing. Even if it is in the location of a job site, or an area that you wish to be working in, it can deliver leads for your company. Listed below are some tips to help you get started on your canvassing campaign:

1) Be prepared. This includes not only have a hand out for each person you meet, but also umbrella for rain, dog treats for potential problematic dogs, Band-Aids, or anything else you will need because it will be a long day.

2) Plan Your Expectations: What is the goal of your canvassing campaign? To set an appointment, to collect name and address, or make a sale. Each canvasser should have goals and objectives to attain on every door they knock.

3) Have A Script: Each canvasser should have a script they have memorized and have been trained to answer any questions that may arise.

4) Take A Step Back: After ringing/knocking on the door take a giant step back. If you are too close to the door you come off as threatening.

5) Look homeowners in the eye and get right to the point. Regardless if it is roofing, bathroom remodeling or the latest home generator, your first sentence should include exactly why you are there. Get to the point of sale in your first sentence. Your first sentence will be short, have a couple of highlights about your service/product you are representing and end in an open question.

6) Confidence & Belief: Make sure that you or your canvassers actually believe in what you are offering. If there is any hesitation or dishonesty of what you are doing it will fail. A good canvasser will look a homeowner in the eye and speak what they believe to be true. Speak with confidence. Canvassers need not hesitate or sound “unsure” of why they are there at a homeowners front door.

7) Tell everyone that you’ve canvassed that you appreciate their taking time to talk to you and that you enjoyed talking to them.

8) Follow Up: Whoever you get information from, or have a good conversation with, always follow up. This can be a simple card or additional marketing materials to the house.

Like every form of marketing and sales technique, you need a system to create in order to succeed.  If I missed any tips or if you have any suggestions or stories about your own canvassing experience please share them on our facebook page.


Aaron O’Hanlon is the CEO and Co-Founder of Footbridge Media, a digital marketing agency, specializing in the contracting industry. It is his mission to create awareness of marketing online to the home improvement industry and to educate, inform and assist contractors in taking over their own online presence.

  • Mr Flim Flam

    The only thing i disagree with is the script. People hate robotic sounding scripts or rehearsed scripts. You want them to believe what you are telling them about your company is true. When you memorize a script the authenticity is lost. If a canvasser can use the main points in a way that is natural then the homeowner will respond in a more human way. They are more likely to tell you the truth about their home improvment plans if they get the sense frim you that you are sincere in wanting to help them complete their perticular project. People sense and like authenticity and originality. They also buy from people they like and in this case they sign up with people they like. It is Tuesday May 3rd and Donald Trump has been given the republican nomination. One reason is because he is real people sense it. 2016 is the year to be real. Memorized scripts with memorized rebuttal s is so antique

    • Mr Flim Flam

      Just for the record I use the real technique and i would say 95% of my leads demo and 85% percent turn into sales. My company and I are on the same page. Consitency from the time they meet me to the sales rep and beyond. We honestly want to solve their problem we apply no pressure and they like that. I started the season up early march and we are going into may and already by myself i have canvassed close to $150,000 worth of roofs windows and flooring.

    • footbridgemedia

      I think we both agree that a script, repeated verbatim without being tailored to the specific customer or situation, would be bad thing. The best “script” option is much like the method you describe – Having a specific key points that should be addressed in each situation, with the room for improvisation within some basic guidelines.

      These tips were originally presented as a primer for smaller businesses who are interesting in trying canvassing, but that perhaps do not already have a well trained sales force. For those folks, having a basic signposted script is a great jumping off point for improving their sales technique. It can also serve as a safety net in case a sales person gets lost in their own presentation. Then, over time as the canvassers gain experience and understanding, they can move away from a strict adherence to a script and then move into a more natural conversation about home improvement plans and solving the problems of homeowners – to the “real” method that you were discussing.

      Thanks for the comment!

      • Mr Flim Flam

        Yea. That is a really good point. I agree. Best of luck to you. Thanks for the reply.