What You Can Do With Google+ Now

So Google+ has been invitation only for over a month now, and there is no slowing down in people joining it. If you haven’t signed up yet, please click this link to get an invite from me. I encourage you to sign up and look around, I have a feeling it will be beneficial to learn the ends and outs.

One of the most important features of Google+ is Circles. Circles is a way to organize your contacts. For instance, I have a “Family” circle, and a “Coworkers” circle. The benefit of organizing everyone into circles, is then you can share certain things with certain circles. My family doesn’t need to know something business related, so I only share with my coworkers Circle. There are major possiblities with this, even if it’s something as simple as having a “Customers” Circle that you can share deals or specials from your company.

A unique feature that Google has implemented is Hangouts. Hangouts in Google+ is group video chat, where you can have a video conference with up to 9 other people. Now this I would like to see some innovation in customer service here, but off the top of my head, I could see a business owner and a customer using this to work out any details or concerns.

And we can’t forget the obvious, that this is another social network to where you can reach your customers on a personal level that is so crucial in keeping a customer for life. As of right now, Google+ is only allowing personal pages, and not official business pages. So sign up, or get someone in your company that is passionate about your business to sign up and represent your company and reach out to your customers.

Are you on Google+? What do you think about it?


Aaron O’Hanlon is the CEO and Co-Founder of Footbridge Media, a digital marketing agency, specializing in the contracting industry. It is his mission to create awareness of marketing online to the home improvement industry and to educate, inform and assist contractors in taking over their own online presence.

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