Prepare For The New Facebook Timeline

Example Cover Photo And Profile Picture

Back in September of last year, Facebook announced a new look to profiles. They called it “Timeline”. And now, the new Timeline layout is coming to Facebook Pages for businesses and brands on March 30th. Here’s a few things to prepare yourself and your business page for Timeline.

New Profile Picture Size And Cover Photo

In an effort to make a clean design, Facebook has changed the profile size to a square photo and they encourage this to be your logo. Something that is directly connected with your company that is recognizable immediately to your fans.

And now with Timeline, we can add what is called a cover photo. A cover photo is a banner image placed at the top of your Facebook page. This offers a great opportunity to display latest announcements and achievements that will get people’s attention as soon as they visit your page. In preparation, it would be good to have a cover photo ready for the 30th as this will leave a blank spot at the top of your page that could be utilized.

Also, Facebook does have a few rules for what can go into your cover photo. Promotional mentions such as “20% off” and coupons and contact information such as your phone number or address or website are not advised. It’s also not advised to have any call to action to “Like our page” or “Tell your friends” is something that should be avoided.

Private Messages

Here’s a feature that you will need to add to your list of things to monitor for your business, and that is, fans can now send private messages to your company. This is similar to how messages work between profiles, well now Facebook is bringing it to your company page. Allowing someone to send you messages to your company is a great way to stay in communication with your fans in a personal way, but keep it in one place with all your other company notifications.

Highlighted Posts, Milestones, And Pinned Posts

So this is probably where things get confusing, so let’s just go over them one by one.

  1. Highlighted Posts – The Facebook Timeline shows posts made by you in two columns. Posts show up on the left and right, but you can highlight a post that you make, which will make it extend the width of both columns. I was really looking more for a color change of sorts when they used the term “highlight” but making a post take up more space is a good way to bring attention.
  2. Milestones – This feature is great way to tell the history of your company. With milestones, you can add events and goals that have been hit by your company, at anytime in the past, So you can set the date of when the company was started, or the time when you hired your 10th employee, or moved into a new office building, or anything that you would think your fans and customers would find interesting.
  3. Pinned Posts – Posts that you  want to feature for a few days can now be pinned to the top for 7 days, no matter how long ago you posted it. It’s a great way to bring attention to possibly an on-going project or an event that you announced a while ago, but want to make mention of it again.

Focus On Your Posts And Recommendations

A major change that is coming with Timeline that we’ll see if it helps or hinders businesses in the future, is the way that posts by others and recommendations are displayed on your page. People that come to post on your wall are all grouped together in a box on your Timeline no matter if you have updated your page after them or not. So the focus is on the posts that you create. Making comments on your posts all the more valuable.

And I’ve written in the past about getting reviews and recommendations for your company and Facebook is making this easier and more beneficial. When someone likes your page, it will ask them if they want to leave a recommendation about your company. With Timeline, recommendations are right at the top for everyone to see as soon as they visit, so getting recommendations is not only easier with Facebook asking them, but it’s more important now that it’s in a prominent place.

You can activate the new Timeline layout right now, but on March 30th, every Facebook page will be moved over to this new layout.

Any questions? Leave them in the comments below, and I’ll be happy to answer any question that this post may have sparked.


Aaron O’Hanlon is a marketing consultant with Footbridge Media , a marketing firm, specializing in the contracting industry. It is his mission to create awareness of marketing online to the home improvement industry, and to educate, inform and assist contractors on taking over their own online presence.

  • Dan Fugate

    Good post, Dano. Very informative. 

    • danohart

      Thanks Dan! See you in the twittersphere.

  • Herlinda Franco

    I don’t see the actual “recomendation” part. I can post a comment but where specifically can I post a “recomendation”?

    • danohart

      It’s actually in your Timeline, if you look at your Facebook page, on the right column.

      • Herlinda Franco

        I found it on my friends business timeline but not on my business timeline. Am I suppose to activate it?