Small Facebook Promotion Yields Big ROI


The Problem: Not Enough Likes and Engagement

If you have a Facebook page but struggle to get organic engagement with your content it might be time to run a Facebook promotion. Such was the case with Best Price Electric of Salem, Massachusetts. With fans hovering in the 40 mark and low engagement, they came to us to get more people interacting with their page.

The Solution: Draw in Fans with a Promotion

The client elected to offer a free gift to clients who liked the Facebook page. We created a landing page that is connected directly to Facebook directing the user to Like the page to receive their free gift, in this case branded promotional souvenirs. Once the user Likes the page the landing page will reveal a form with blank areas for postal address and email address as well as an opt-in button for a monthly newsletter. The client also chose to advertise the promotion via a Facebook ad.

The Results: Increased Engagement and Page Likes

After one month, including 5 days of Facebook advertisements, the Best Price Electric Facebook page reached 180 fans and engagement peaked at 19,780 Facebook users. While not all of these users opted to receive the free gift, the page received 140 likes and ad views in the thousands. With the total cost coming out at just over $50, this Facebook promotion and ad campaign was a low-budget success.

Best Price Electric Testimonial:

“To our good friends and business partners at Footbridge Media,

Once again our partnership has paid off. The likes reward experiment was a complete success!

We would like to thank your social media team for working with our marketing department. We got the phones ringing steady in the fourth quarter and kept our electricians working. Now we know when the phones are slow a low cost investment into Facebook will crank things up. Our 2014 advertising budget will be focused heavily in social media.

If our competition knew our social media department only cost us $125.00 per month they would flip!”


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