A Picture Is Worth More Than 140 Characters: Twitter Adds Image & Video Previews To Feed

Using Photos On Twitter
Recently, Twitter has done some tweaking to the way that users see their tweets. Much like the view in Facebook and Google Plus, all image and video previews now automatically show in your feed, without the need to click or tap on the individual tweet. But why would they make a change like that? And what does that mean for your social media marketing?

Why Did Twitter Make The Change?

Aside the fact that social media outlets are always trying to keep their look fresh, the big answer here probably has to do with advertising. As seems to be the recent state of things with all social media networks, ad placement is increasing. Advertisers know that images hold great strength, so this is most likely an attempt for Twitter to add more money to the advertising coffers, or to entice potential advertisers before their big IPO.

Why Should I Care?

If your witty 140 characters didn’t capture attention on their own, your images certainly may. At least on Facebook, we’ve seen that stand-along images, with a link within the text of post can encourage more active engagement than just a link + thumbnail. And while this most likely also in part related to Facebook’s ranking algorithm, marketers know that an image in a sea of text will make you stop scrolling.

This new Twitter layout means you’ve got a little more power when it comes to your tweets, when properly paired with an eye-catching image. It is, however, still important to make sure that your images are pertinent to your brand and personality. You can still look spammy, which will drive eyes away just as fast.

So images and videos will work better now on Twitter?

We’re in new territory here, but we’ll be experimenting and keeping a look out for fresh data, but it wouldn’t hurt to add a few more image posts to your normal Twitter repertoire. Keep in mind that, while this new view affects twitter.com, iOS, and Android users, it can be easily disabled in settings. This also doesn’t re-write any rules about “Twitter Cards” so you still won’t be able to see your Instagram photos without a following a link. So your safest bet is to continue with a combination of text and images to converse and promote.

What do you think about the new preview changes in Twitter? Does it change how you’ll use Twitter? Let us know in the comments, Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus!


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