Getting Your Employees Involved in Growing Your Business

Getting Your Employees Involved in Growing Your Business
Chris Lonergan
Chris Lonergan December 15, 2020

Marketing is never just down to a single person or contact. In fact, when it comes to contractor marketing, collaborative efforts amongst marketing professionals and the staff on-site often create the best results.

You don't have to be the business owner/operator or the appointed "marketing" contact to get involved. Getting all of your employees included can boost your marketing efforts. Many hands make light work – and the same is true of your marketing efforts.

Gather Pictures of Your Work to Power Your Web & Social Content

Even if your staff doesn't carry around business iPads and tablets, they likely have smartphones in their pocket. That phone is more than enough to take some great pictures of their work. With a little training and direction, you can help guide your staff to snap some great photos.

That could like something as formatted as before and after pictures during a remodel or new equipment upgrade. It could also be something more fun, like a selfie with another satisfied customer.

Build Your Credibility With Some More Reviews

Your techs and staff working with customers on-site every day are the ones responsible for the satisfaction of your customers anyway, so they should be able to tell which clients are happy and good potential reviewers.

Our online review management system users can start the review process more formally with the "kiosk" mode option and enroll a happy customer into your automated review workflow.

If you're less tech-savvy, you can arm your staff with business cards that have the appropriate web address to start the review process. You can have a simple "reviews" page on your website that features all of the proper website links to Google, Angie's List, or wherever you prioritize your review activity.

At the very least, they can start the conversation. Your on-site staff can ASK if the client is satisfied and ASK if they can leave a review. Starting that talk now makes it easier to close the review opportunity down the line with more formal methods.

Maximize Your Social Media Activity With the Help of Your Staff

Let's face it. Your staff is probably already on social media at work. You might as well maximize those efforts and ask your team to contribute whenever possible. Pictures they take of the crew on a lunch break, morning donuts & coffee before the day starts, or photos of your staff and their pets can all make for good social media fodder.

You can share the provided pictures on your business's social media channels and notify your staff.

If they are involved, they'll be more likely to engage with your posts and re-share – which all expands the effectiveness and reach of your social media posts.

Incentivize Your Staff to Assist in Your Marketing Process

Of course, your staff is also still busy with their typical responsibilities. So incentivizing their marketing assistance can make a game out of contributing to your marketing efforts.

While review companies frown upon giving your customer discounts or giveaways in exchange for review activity, they don't care if you incentivize your team to get that review.

You can offer monthly prizes for the best pictures as voted by the staff – or even make a contest out of which contributed social media post gets the most "likes" to get your team excited about contributing.

You don't have to give away a car, but you need to make it appealing enough to get your people on board. It could be as simple as buying lunch once a month, a gift basket or gift card, or even an extra day of PTO to get your staff interested in getting active in your marketing processes.

Marketing is always done best when there is unique, engaging content and an earnest desire to collaboratively work toward our goals. Small business owners already have a lot on their plate, so sharing the load is the best way to achieve a reliable marketing end product.

Whether you're a current client sending over "IPPs" or utilizing our automated Review Management System, or doing the marketing yourself – you'll be able to increase the effectiveness of your marketing without pulling out your hair if you can rely on a little help from your employees.

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