What Contractors Are Saying About Footbridge Media


I want to thank you for the great job Footbridge Media has done with our
new website. We have received more jobs from our new website in the first
six months than in the previous ten or more years from our old website." - Anaheim Plumber

I have to say that your response time is awesome, and your customer service is top notch. You are one of the few people that I deal with that actually delivers what they promise and then some. Thank you. It is refreshing to work with you. I should also mention that each and every time we hired someone to help with our website, we were royally burned. I started to think that we were never going to get help, and I was almost afraid to agree to pay anyone else for this type of service. You're helping us with a problem that we've been throwing money at for years with no results. You should know that your efforts are appreciated." - Middlesex County Electrician

The increase in response to my site since I have moved it to your care is amazing. Before if I got one call a month it was good. Now I get a couple a week. This is great!" - Nashville Heating Contractor

I just would like to say that the Footbridge team is awesome! Definitely worth their weight in gold. I have never had a web solutions company that was so flexible and easy to work with. Since the launch of our new site our traffic has increased exponentially and the praise keeps coming in as I have had many ideas for increasing the role of our website in our everyday interactions with our customers. The Footbridge team has embraced these ideas and partnered with me to create a premium product for our premium company. I cannot thank you enough." -- Houston Air Conditioning Company

I can see by the analytics that the site is holding prospects 10-fold compared to the old site.  Bounce rates used to be 75% or more.  Now they are 35% or less.  Average pageviews were 1.4 or so. Now pageviews are averaging 6-7 with a high of 35!  Never had a 35 before.  And it's making my phone ring.  All in less than 30 days." -- Gross Pointe Remodeling Company

I just wanted to touch base and say thank you for your service! I am so pleased with the results we have been getting so far. I can't wait to see more and more requests from our site. The press release you sent out was a success! We had everyone telling us that they saw us in the paper." -- Florida Air Conditioning Company

First off I want to say thank you! The optimization seems to be very successful. I've tried different combinations and we come in on first page a lot!" - Ron Dorris, Sonoma County Electrician

We were with on-line access for several years prior and never had very good results. I also didn't find the extra time to make changes and wanted a company who could perform quickly and accurately. We have found the answer with Footbridge and our marketing consultant. We decided in December 06 to make a change based on a conversation with Joe Crisara of Contractorselling.com to have a friendlier site that calls for action. Within 2 weeks of contacting Footbridge Media, we were live with only a couple of small changes. In less then 1 month we are on the 1st page when you do a Google search for San Diego heating. I would have paid a lot of money to have web advertising for this which was FREE. Anyone who needs a referral for this GREAT Company can call me any time." - Jeff Morey, San Diego Air Conditioning

I just wanted to thank you for all the work you have performed for my company last year. After doing a web ranking search of where the site you built is coming in at, I can't tell you how pleased I am of the results. We consistently have been getting good leads from the site and it has been a great selling tool for our company. Also I appreciate that you only market for one contractor in a given area and that you called to ask, given the other contractor and my overlapping areas. Loyalty and great performance from you and Footbridge is so appreciated and has earned my business and any referrals I can give. I look forward to having you and your company continue to help grow my business and hope you great success in this coming year." - Sean Kennedy, Kennedy Painting

We were very busy during the hot spell. What has worked really well is the internet. The most people tell us they found us on the web. More than any advertising at all!" - Thomas Hack,

I checked out our competitors websites, man we are blowing them out of the water! I am VERY IMPRESSED with what you have done with the search engines. "Columbus Roofing Contractor" brings us up #1 in Google, Yahoo & MSN- AWESOME!" - Jess Biller, Paramount Roofing

For quite a few years now we knew we wanted a website but we had no idea where to even start. We had a lot of ideas churning in our heads but never got off the starting line. Somewhere Jim came across Footbridge Media during the summer of 2005. What an absolute godsend! We liked the package that Footbridge offered and signed up in September 2005.

We are really fussy about the projects our company works on and building our website was no different. Our marketing consultant made the whole thing come together like clockwork. When dealing with him he makes us feel like we are his only client and he is there for us at any given moment. His knowledge and talent surpass all others. What else can we say about our marketing consultant-it is a good thing we are done having kids or we would have to name one after him!

The websites that our local competitors operate are really amateur compared to what our marketing consultant put together for Norman Construction. As proof our search engine placement pretty much smokes anybody else in our market. While building our website, we made change after change after change. Our marketing consultant was very patient with us and offered many ideas and suggestions which really helped us.

The newsletter that we receive each month from Footbridge is simply icing on the cake. We published our own in-house newsletter for several years but it got to be like pulling teeth writing articles and assembling it. Now we simply add a few items to the 'Around The House' newsletter template and we are off to the races. The time this saves us is better spent pursuing new leads and signing up additional clients.

You absolutely cannot beat their service, quality and price for a custom website, a custom newsletter, press releases and everything else you receive. We will go out on a limb here and say: You are a total IDIOT if you do not sign up with Footbridge today! It was the smartest thing we've done in a long while. We almost have to pinch ourselves to make sure we are not dreaming." - Jim & Melinda Norman, Norman Construction, www.normanconstruction.com

Since joining forces with Footbridge Media, I now have a wonderful website that everyone who sees it raves about (www.windowqouteusa.com), I am listed on all the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.), I have my own company newsletter that customers love, and new clientele that I would have otherwise not had. But the most incredible thing about it is the price. When I first looked to sign up I wanted a reference to call because I seriously thought it was a joke. I thought to myself "There is no way a company could give you all these things for such an incredible low monthly price. Needless to say now I'm a believer. My company image has been made complete.
Thank you Footbridge Media! - Chris Bowen, President, Home Improvement Alliance Corporation