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The Footbridge Media Contractor Directory is a helpful tool to discover trusted home improvement contractors in your area. No matter what your home remodeling and construction needs are, our network of skilled providers spread throughout the country are available to provide estimates for your service needs. If you are a home improvement contractor and believe you should be added, please visit our contractor marketing program.

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Ways to Improve Your Home Energy Efficiency

Energy costs have been sky-rocketing in the past few years and with that being the case, home owners have to look to ways to improve their consumption. There are plenty of other methods that can be taken to improve the energy efficiency of your home. In this article, get useful tips on how to reduce your energy consumption and save on your utility bills. Read Full Article »

Flipping Over Paint - Prepping Your Home For Sale

From packing to house painting, the hassle of moving and prepping your home for sale or rent can be stressful. Read this article for some helpful tips and information about preparing the interior and exterior of your property so that it is presentable to prospective buyers or renters. Read Full Article »

Choosing the right heating system for maximum efficiency

There are lots of different heating units available in the modern HVAC market. Getting the right heating system allows homeowners to enjoy their homes in better comfort as well as providing maximum heating efficiency. Get educated on the pros and cons of each type of heating systems. Read this article for more information about various heating systems. Read Full Article »

Catch Basin Cleaning

Part of being a responsible business owner is taking care of catch basin cleaning. Help keep your company running smoothly and your customers happy by getting regular maintenance for your commercial properties storm drains and you should be set for success. Learn more about catch basin cleaning and the benefits of preventative maintenance in this article. Read Full Article »

Choosing the Perfect Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen countertops are an indispensible main feature of any modern kitchen, providing the space you need for food preparation. When it comes to countertops, there's a surprisingly wide variety of materials you'll be able to choose from. There are several categories of countertop materials available, including natural stone, tile, and a variety of synthetic materials. Learn more about the benefits of the different countertop materials. Read Full Article »