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Myths and Misconceptions About Saving Energy

A lot of homeowners want to save money on their energy costs, and having a more energy efficient home is a goal of people all over the country. However, there are a lot of misconceptions out there about how to best increase the energy efficiency of a home. Not everything you replace will necessarily yield a great return on your investment, and deciding how to proceed can be difficult and confusing. Read this article for more information on the common myths and misconceptions about energy saving home improvements.

Reasons Why Homeowners Should Switch To Radiant Heating

In recent years, systems have been developed that differ from the traditional forced-air heating systems. One such residential heating system is radiant heating. Radiant heating systems are installed below floors, within walls, and above ceilings. Radiant heating provides comfort at the desired source; therefore, there is no energy loss as heated air is delivered to the desired location. In this article, read about the distinct advantages of radiant heating have over traditional forced-air heating systems.

Conduct Your Own Energy Audit Before Green Remodeling Projects

In this day of high energy prices, all Americans can agree that reducing energy consumption in our homes is a worthy endeavor. Whether you are just trying to save money on monthly energy bills or you are trying to reduce your environmental footprint, the best place to start is with a home energy audit. By assessing your individual energy usage, you can determine the best way to spend your money to reduce energy consumption and waste. The following steps can help your make large improvements in your residential energy consumption.

Choosing the right heating system for maximum efficiency

There are lots of different heating units available in the modern HVAC market. Getting the right heating system allows homeowners to enjoy their homes in better comfort as well as providing maximum heating efficiency. Get educated on the pros and cons of each type of heating systems. Read this article for more information about various heating systems.

Energy Efficient Heating

In terms of energy efficiency, space heaters are great for adding supplemental heat when the main heating source is inadequate or when central heating may be too costly to install or to operate.