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  1. Important Information - You should carefully read the following terms and conditions before buying our products. Your purchase or use of our products implies that you have read and accepted these terms and conditions.
  2. License - Our website grants you a nonexclusive limited license to use the newsletter templates and other products sold through our web site by in accordance with these Terms and Conditions (the "license") issued by our company.
    1. Limited Usage Granted - You may only use your purchased template to create a newsletter for a single company. You have to purchase the same template once more in order to make a newsletter for a separate company, whether owned by you or another person.
    2. Modifications - You are authorized to make any necessary modification(s) to our products to fit your purposes.
    3. Unauthorized Use - You may NOT place any of our products on a diskette, CD, website or any other medium and offer them for redistribution or resale of any kind without prior written consent from Footbridge Media.
    4. Assignability - You may not sub-license, assign, or transfer this license to anyone else without prior written consent from our company.
    5. Ownership - You may not claim intellectual or exclusive ownership to any of our unmodified templates. All products are property of Footbridge Media.
  3. No Other Warranties - Our products are provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied. In no event shall our juridical person be liable for any damages including, but not limited to, direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages or other losses arising out of the use of or inability to use our products.
  4. Refund Policy - Please make sure that you've read our tutorial on how to customize your template and additional instructions.
    Our products have a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you have purchased a product with a 90 day money back guarantee but are not satisfied, you may contact us to solve the problems you have encountered. Let us know and we will refund your money with no questions asked!
    Our company reserves the right to change or modify these terms without prior notice.
  5. Google Ads Management - Footbridge Media offers a limited Return Policy for delivered leads.
    Leads subject to this policy include those with one or more of the following:
    • Bad Phone Number
    • Wrong Contact Information
    • was unable to contact within 48 hours
    Footbridge Media does not guarantee:
    • The lead has not submitted their information to another contractor
    • The lead has not already received estimates from another contractor
    • Any financial information the lead may have provided
    Returns must be emailed to service@footbridgemedia.com within 48 hours of receipt of the lead in order for it to be a valid lead on your invoice.

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