Earn Recurring Commissions Simply by Referring

Since 2004, Footbridge Media has operated without a sales team. Clients either found us online or they were referred by another company that used our services. We figured it was time to find a way to thank those who have helped spread the word.

Once you sign up for the Footbridge Media Affiliate Program, you will have access to your account, a dashboard and a unique link that you can use to refer companies. If that company signs up for our Contractor Marketing Program (our main service currently $249 per month) via your unique link, you will receive $25 per month for each month they are an active client... forever, with no commission caps.

Earn Recurring Commissions Simply by Referring

Make Money While You Sleep

Footbridge Media's Affiliate program is a great way to generate passive income, All you have to do is refer businesses that you know would benefit our core contractor marketing program, and once they sign up, our team will handle everything. You will get income for as long as they are a client.

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The Referral Process

  • Step 1: Refer Simply refer a business that is interested in our contractor marketing program using your custom assigned link.
  • Step 2: Convert Once the referral signs up, you will begin earning commissions.
  • Step 3: Earn Sit back and relax as our system will handle everything and you will earn money for the lifetime of the referral.
The Referral Process

Lifetime Commissions

Our clients stick with us for years. Some of our clients have been working with us as long as we've been in business. Our Affiliate program offers recuring commissions on your referrals for the lifetime of them being a client. To summarize, as long as they pay us, we pay you. A referral could mean a passive income for years, with no additional effort required.

Once you join the Affiliate program, you will ne given access to our Affiliate dashboard. It will show you all of the companies that you have referred, the commissions you are earning after each monthly invoice is paid, and allow you to provide commission payout options such as PayPal.

Simply apply for the program, and once approved, provide your link to anyone interested and track your progress. If you are a Footbridge Media client already, it does not take much before you are receiving your service for free or even making a profit. That's all you have to do to earn with Footbridge Media!

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