A Guide For Electrician Marketing:  Getting More Leads To   Charge Up Your Electrical Business

You can know electrical code inside and out and be able to rewire a whole house with one hand tied behind your back, but being a great electrician doesn’t mean you know how to market an electrical business.

You’ll need a plan of attack to maximize your electrical business building. Our electrician marketing plan is a seven-pronged strategy that gives you a solid base on which to grow your business. From there, you can customize your contractor marketing plans to best suit your operations and budget.

Electrician Marketing Plan

Lightning Fast, Visually Appealing  Electrician Websites

Your website is the first place that many prospective customers will visit. If those first visitors can't get past slow-loading banner images or unclickable web navigation, they'll find their way out of your page and into a competitor’s website faster than an arc fault breaker trips.

creating beautiful electrician websites

That means you need a website that works great for mobile devices, laptops, and computers alike. You should prepare your website design and functionality from a “mobile-first” perspective, meaning it should work at its best for even slower mobile devices and gain performance and more complex visual improvements as the screen size grows.

How DIY Electrician Websites Can Short Circuit Your Business Operations

The time you have is precious. Focus and prioritize it in the places that can best benefit your business.

While you certainly can create a basic DIY website for your electrical business, it will always take more time, efforts, and research for you to complete it yourself - and it will not work as well as when a professional with years of niche experience helping electricians is taking point.

That's just like how your potential customers may be able to complete their own lighting fixture swaps or outlet replacements with enough trips back and forth to the big box store - but that's not the fastest or most reliable way to properly get the job done.

Having the right electrician website design and ease of use can be the spark that converts a web visitor into your newest customer. Having user-friendly navigation - a clear path for homeowners and web visitors to click and follow to get the answers to their electrical questions - is vital.

Focusing On Your Electrical Customer  When Creating Electrician Marketing Content

The average homeowner likely doesn’t care about wattage, voltage, or amperage. Your website and online marketing content need to meet your prospective customers where they are.

Instead of rattling off electrical jargon, tailor the conversation to the average homeowner or business owner to directly address their concerns. They don’t care about electrical draw so much as they do about comfort and energy efficiency.

Data about old aluminum wiring heat limitations or rates of corrosion and oxidation are not as powerful as the emotional connection of protecting one’s family and property from the dangers of old wiring.

Making A Solid Connection Between Electricians And Customers

The same goes for how you, as an electrician, connect with your community and customers. How you tell your origin story and differentiate yourself from other competing electricians is more than just saying how long you’ve been in business and that you are a “locally owned and operated” electrical company. Years of service industry experience are great, but they don’t connect contractors and customers like a good story can.

Charging Your Electrician SEO  To Attract New Customers

Electrician search engine optimization is the key to getting new customers at a low cost. While it can take some time to curate and build, the end result means your customers will be finding you instead of needing to go out to find customers!

Electrician SEO refers to how website pages, through content development, research, and technical enhancement, can be implemented to attract prospective customers via web traffic from search engines.

Basically, organic electrician search engine optimization works to make you rank better for the types of searches your customers are entering. To get this done well, you need to be able to translate your services and how electrical businesses operate into the terms and search queries that homeowners and commercial electrical customers use every day to try to find their next electrical professional.

SEO helps electricians to connect with local customers

The Right Content To Power Your Electrician Search Engine Optimization

Electrician marketing online means understanding the keywords and phrases that your customers are most familiar with. While some of the big-picture terms like “electrician” are pretty easy to understand, that’s also the same exact term that every single electrical contractor is seeking out.

“Electrician” is an example of a highly sought-after “short-tail keyphrase.” Short-tail keyphrases are generally the most popular terms, which means there is a lot of competition.

In contrast, a “long-tail keyphrase” would be a more specific term, like “ceiling fan installation.” As you would expect in contrast to a short-tail keyphrase, this would be a less popular keyphrase. That means that fewer people, in general, search for it, so it follows that there is less competition for that target term.

But that doesn’t mean it can’t be a valuable term to try to rank for in your organic search engine optimization efforts.

A Well-Balanced Approach To Electrical Contractor SEO

Your electrician website SEO should strike a balance between the right short-tail and long-tail phrases that make sense for your specific electrical offerings and how the potential customers in your area search.

Google Maps For Electricians:  How Local SEO Gets Electrical Contractor Leads

Local homeowners are looking for electricians to help with everything from basic electrical troubleshooting to complete home rewiring. Local search engine optimization for electricians can help transform your lead flow by more directly connecting you to the client base in your physical area.

Electrician local SEO refers to the tactics used to improve your online visibility in the “Maps” section of Google, so that your electrical business is visible to potential customers in need of electric help who are physically near your business.

Local ranking is why if you type “electrician” into Google you see local electricians instead of other electrical contractors that are far away from you.

To ensure that your electrical business ranks well locally, you need to make sure Google understands some specific details about business operations.

Local SEO for electricians

How Electricians Create A Google Business Profile

The first step for an electrician to establish their local search engine optimization is to claim your Google Business Profile. A GBP is a free way for your electrical business to identify itself in Google’s eyes.

Otherwise, if no such entry exists yet on Google, you can visit business.google.com to create your electrician GBP from scratch.

Either way, claiming or new account creation will require that you verify your account with Google. This starts with a “postcard claim” process - where Google sends a physical postcard with a security pin to the physical address associated with your Google Business Profile. Once you get that information confirmed with Google, you can truly start the local electrician SEO work required to make your profile rank above your competitors.

The 3 Core Components Of Local Electrician Search Engine Optimization

Once your GBP is up and running, you’ll need to focus your efforts on three major pillars of local electrician SEO success…

  • Ensuring GBP Completeness And Accuracy
  • Improving Your Citation Health
  • Incrementing Your Google Review Count And Quality

Google ranks local businesses based on relevance, distance, and prominence. While the distance (the physical space between your electrical company and a potential customer) isn’t in your direct control, you can help influence how Google interprets your relevance and prominence.

Ensuring GBP Completeness And Accuracy

When you first set up your electrical company’s Google Business Profile, you need to ensure you’re set up with the right category and that the areas you service are accurately reflected in your listing. The initial technical correctness is important because it helps Google understand the pertinent details of your business operations - specifically in the realm of relevance.

the importance of increasing Google reviews for electricians

Improving Your Citation Health

What many electricians don’t understand is that your business name, address, and phone number - specifically how that information is distributed throughout the web beyond your own website - can have a big impact on how well you rank in Google Maps. These business references are called “citations.”

When your business contact details are listed in places on the internet outside of your direct control, it suggests to Google that your business more likely is who it says it is. That's why it is important that...

  1. These business citations are specifically and purposefully created and
  2. That your business citations are accurate.

Businesses that have changed phone numbers, addresses, and business names are more likely to have citation mismatches. It takes specific efforts and knowledge to track down and correct these mismatches to give your Google Business Profile the best visibility possible.

Incrementing Your Google Review Count And Quality

Instead of sitting back and waiting for Google reviews to happen, electricians can take control of their own destiny and actively work toward gaining reviews.

Google reviews are vital for electricians, as they help both Google’s local SEO algorithms and your potential customers select you! Improving your review count helps contribute to a stronger, better ranking Google Business Profile.

Powering Up Your Presence With   Electrician Reviews

Encourage your satisfied customers to share their experiences. Ideally, you should maximize your manual efforts by using tools and automations - like an online review management system - to most easily scale your online review gathering.

Your online reviews should be focused on platforms like Google, Yelp, social media, and whatever online spaces may be popular in your community. Happy clients are your best advocates, and their positive reviews can be a powerful magnet for new business.

the impact of positive reviews for electricians

Sparking Trust: The Impact of Positive Reviews on Your Business

At its core, the impact of positive reviews goes beyond a mere pat on the back. They act as a powerful psychological motivator. People use online reviews from complete strangers to validate their decision-making and purchasing processes.

When a prospective client encounters a string of positive experiences shared by previous customers, it creates a sense of trustworthiness and reliability. This trust becomes a foundation upon which potential clients feel secure in choosing your electrical services.

Strategies for Encouraging Genuine Electrician Testimonials

You’re already busy running an electrical service business, so you don’t need to make more work for yourself than necessary.

An automated review management system makes the whole process easier, meaning you can save hours of manual emails and text messages while yielding more reviews for your Google and social platforms.

We always recommend that the first mention of online reviews happens on the job site. Immediately after you assist your customer and complete your electrical repair or installation services, it is common customer service practice to ask if the customer is satisfied with the work.

That immediately lends itself to the next natural stage of the conversation - Asking your customer to tell other people that they were satisfied with your service.

When the person who completed the work can look a customer in the eye and convey how important online reviews can be for a small business immediately after making a customer happy, this can make a big impact on the likelihood of getting an online review completed.

It adds to the authenticity of the interaction, which can help to motivate customers to take the steps to leave an online review.

You can and should pair this with ...

  1. Support marketing communication like business cards, postcards, and invoices that provide customers with a reminder and specific place online to leave reviews and
  2. Automated review management to continue to follow up in a customer-friendly yet timely manner to remind customers about the possibility of leaving a review.

Revitalizing Your Electrician Online Presence   With Upgrades & Improvements

Your electrician website launch doesn’t mean you’re done with your website. Older websites can show their age quickly, and an older website can be a turnoff for some customers.

The only way to look fresh is to be fresh - that means ensuring the visual components of your website are always at their best.

staying current with electrician marketing online presence

For websites that are more than a few years old, we usually recommend website overhauls - redesigns to ensure your content, look, and feel still match your current company aesthetics and accurately reflect your service offerings. This will help to revitalize your website and keep your visual branding in check.

Staying Current in the Digital Landscape

Keeping your online marketing presence on target means you have to be aware of the shifting landscape that is online marketing for service providers like electricians.

Adapting to these trends ensures your electrician business remains visible and relevant to your target audience. That means your website, Google Business Profile, and overall online marketing presence should grow and shift as necessary to keep up with the changing times.

A Jolt Of Energy - Keeping Your Electrician Brand Fresh

Keeping your brand fresh ensures it resonates with a modern audience, establishing you as a forward-thinking electrical service provider.

While words can do a good job of that, photos and videos can be more powerful than words alone.

That’s why adding pictures of you and your crew at work, project photos, and completed work photos on your website is so important. While you can certainly use a bit of stock photography to get things started, it would be best to show off your personal work and photos.

Continuous Buzz:  Marketing Planning for Electricians

Develop a consistent marketing strategy that keeps the buzz alive. Once your website is live, you’ve developed a strong foundation on which to build your marketing presence. Expand your marketing efforts beyond the World Wide Web. Grow your electrical service business by growing your marketing efforts.

How Referral Marketing Helps Improve Your Marketing Footprint

Most electricians are leaving money on the table.

After investing time, money, and resources to find and satisfy a customer, most electricians never talk to that same person ever again.

That’s a major waste of your determination and hard work.

Instead, you can improve your marketing footprint by working with those same happy customers again. While additional work for a client is great, customer referrals can help you to expand your marketing reach and help you to find customers that you perhaps wouldn’t previously have access to.

By putting a formal customer referral program in place - one that provides rewards and financial incentives to truly entice and capture new customer activity - an electrician can effectively gain a new sales team for a very low cost.

continuous marketing for electricians

Electrical Service Plans & Safety Inspections To Start The Conversation

After you land a job, are you maximizing your exposure and customer value? While the initial job may have been for a new ceiling fan installation or fixing a problematic socket or switch, you could better serve your customer and increase your ticket average by adding on services appropriately.

For a new customer, that could perhaps mean an electrical safety inspection. That’s a service that you could offer for a low cost, to review the primary components of a home or business electrical system and then make the appropriate recommendations to best repair and maintain your customer’s property.

If you don’t offer such a program already, you could also consider an electrical service plan as a recurring annual plan. A service plan is a great way to provide peace of mind for a homeowner while providing your business with recurring revenue and keeping your company name in front of more potential customers. Electrical service plans can include basic electrical safety inspections, discounts on future service, priority scheduling, smoke detector inspections, and more.

At the end of the day, electrical safety inspections and service plans help your customers and help you at the same time - so it is a win-win for any electrical contractor.

Continuous Client Outreach Tactics To Maintain Top-Of-Mind

Whether it is to power your referral marketing or outreach regarding electrical service plans, you need to communicate with your client base more regularly

  • Thank You Messages: After every job, you should send a thank you email or card to demonstrate that you appreciate your customer and their business.
  • Greeting Cards: Holiday cards are a simple way to complete outreach to your entire customer list once a year.
  • Social Media: Social media platforms allow you a way to connect with customers digitally, using the same technology that they use every day anyways.
  • Email Newsletter: Email marketing can be a low-cost way to get in front of your audience once a month to both power referral program and foster top-of-mind awareness.

Amping Up Your Business:
Partnering for Electrician Marketing Success

Selecting the right marketing partner is crucial. A strategic marketing partner amplifies your efforts, bringing specialized knowledge to the table for a more impactful marketing campaign.

Instead of just hiring any marketing person, find someone who knows about electricians, how electricians work, and how to best service electricians. Finding a professional that understands both electricians and the needs of an electrician’s potential customers is vitally important.

Just like how homeowners rely on the expertise of electricians to care for their properties, electricians can trust Footbridge Media as their electrician marketing professionals.

Footbridge Media has been helping electricians just like you since 2004, working hard to keep service providers happy and well-stocked with leads.

Footbridge Media's Complete Electrician Marketing Program Includes

  • Professional Website Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Website Hosting
  • Local Optimization Management
  • Online Review Management System
  • Website Updates & Improvements
  • Marketing Planning
  • And More

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What It's Like To Work With Footbridge Media:  An Electrician Marketing Agency That Understands Electrical Service Businesses

When an electrician teams up with Footbridge Media, we're in it together to grasp the essence of your business and your goals, so that we can develop a successful partnership.

Launching your website marks the start of your marketing journey, not the end. We're committed to continually optimizing, providing online review management, and developing new marketing recommendations tailored to your company's specific needs and operations—our aim is to establish and expand your business presence

When you start with Footbridge Media, you’ll be introduced to our Onboarding team - who help to set the tone for your online marketing. We kick things off with our website design process, creating the core of your marketing identity.

Moving forward, you'll collaborate with our experienced marketing consultants, dedicated account managers, and optimization professionals. Together, we will craft a personalized marketing and advertising plan that guides your electrical service business toward success.

Growing Your Marketing With Advanced  Electrician Marketing Tactics

After you have a strong core to your online marketing, electricians should make a plan to further develop their electrical business marketing plan via other channels that may extend their marketing reach.

Email Marketing For Electricians

email marketing for electricians

Do you have a list of past customer email addresses sitting around gathering dust? Sending your past customers or prospective clients a regular email newsletter can keep you on the top of their minds so that they remember who to call when they have electrical service needs.

Perfect for promoting electrical service plans or pushing referral program rewards, a monthly email newsletter is ideal for staying in touch with your customer list on a budget.

Electricians And Social Media Marketing

social media for electricians

Active social media accounts are no longer optional for electricians. Today’s customers expect business owners to be savvy and be present digitally. Regular social media activity makes your business look full of life, and can help to show off your good work and expertise.

Your electrical service business needs to be present on social media to demonstrate to your potential customers that you’re a solid choice. It’s also a great place to connect with current and past customers to maintain marketing positioning for future work.

Even if you don’t care to operate a personal Facebook account, your business needs to be active on social media to build your electrical service business’s online marketing footprint.

Facebook Ads To Find The Ideal Electrical Service Customer

Facebook ads for electricians

Facebook ads are great for targeting the ideal customer candidate for your business. With the majority of American adults on Facebook, you can rest assured that your potential customers are there, too.

Compared to just posting on Facebook for organic presence, using Facebook Ads will get your posts exposure to a larger audience of your choosing. When you utilize a Facebook Ads professional, you can target specific neighborhoods and demographics to focus your audience.

Defining your audience can be a difficult task. Instead of spending time developing your Facebook ad development skills, focus on building your business. Let our Facebook Ad management experts maximize the impact of your advertising budget.

Google Ads For Faster Electrician Leads

paid google ads for electrical leads

As the default search engine for over 90% of the waking world, your customers are more likely to be using Google than any other search engine. And if your customers are using Google search, that means they will be exposed to Google Ads.

While SEO is a cost-effective way to gain prominent search engine results page placement, it is a time consuming endeavor.

Google Ads allows you to gain access to the most coveted page placements but for a price. That means you can get in front of your electrical customers for highly-sought after electrical service or repair terms in your customer’s time of need.

Google Ads can be expensive and are notoriously difficult to use. While Google does offer some built-in tools and services, their goal is to expand your continued use of Google Ads.

When you hire a Google Ads team that works on a flat management fee instead of a percentage fee, you can trust you’ll get a Google Ads campaign strategy that will prioritize cost-efficient leads that will work for your electrical business and budget

AI Chat To Fuel Your Electrician Website

AI powered chat to capture electrical service lead contact information

If your website is your 24/7 business storefront, then Contractor Lead Chat is your salesperson who is always ready to work

Using AI to interpret and listen to your prospective customers' questions online, the chatbot works to ensure lead integrity and capture more effectively than traditional forms.

Collaborating With A Electrician Marketing Agency

Since 2004, Footbridge Media has helped home service providers and electricians just like you. Our marketing teams work hard to make your life easier, working collaboratively where necessary and taking on the heavy lifting where we can. This gives you the time to you need to focus on running your electrical service business while we help to ensure your success when it comes to electrician marketing.

$249 Per Month

Frequently Asked  Electrician Marketing Questions

How does marketing for electricians differ from other forms of marketing?

Marketing for electricians has several unique characteristics. Primarily, it involves a specific, targeted audience: homeowners, property managers, and construction companies, among others.

Your marketing content needs to appeal to those audiences while demonstrating expertise and reliability in the electrical field. This includes translating the needs of electricians and electrical lingo and translating it to content the better represents how your target audiences would best find and interact with you.

Compared to other small business types where a customer would visit a storefront or brick-and-mortar for completion of services or product sales, local SEO is much more important for electricians. Your online marketing needs to, in both content and technical optimization, help customers in your desired local markets to find your business over other electricians in town.

How can electricians benefit from SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be a game-changer for electricians.

  • Electricians Can Get More Google Business Profile (Maps) Traffic: SEO makes your business more visible to people who are searching online for an electrician in their local area.
  • Electrician Can Show Up Hiring In Search Results: By optimizing your website and content with relevant keywords, you can rank higher on search engine results pages.
  • Increased Visibility Helps Electricians Get More Traffic & Leads: This improves your online visibility, driving more traffic to your site, and potentially resulting in more leads and customers.

Why is digital marketing important for electricians?

Digital contractor marketing allows electricians to reach potential customers in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Today, the first place people usually turn to when they need an electrician is the internet. They'll either do a quick search on Google or ask their local community on social media platforms.

Thus, having a strong online presence through a professional website, search engine optimization, and social media marketing, is crucial for electricians to attract and retain clients.

What role does social media play in marketing for electricians?

Social media provides an excellent platform for electricians to engage with their customers and their local community.

  • Showing Off Your Work: By showing pictures and videos of you and your service team in the field, you can show off your work and skills.
  • Share Safety Tips And Provide Value: Providing helpful tips that homeowners may find interesting and useful increases the chances those user were want to follow and interact with your content.
  • Answer Customer Questions To Demonstrate Expertise: Being available to help answer comments and questions from your social media followers helps to demonstrate you are an expert they can count on - one with great customer service skills.
  • Overall Electrical Service Business Promotion: Of course, social media can also help to directly promote your business, including any special incentives you may want to feature. While direct promotion and sales need to be balanced with otherwise useful or entertaining content, it is still an important part of your social media schedule.

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How We Help Your Electrician Business

Electrical businesses that stay busy know that you must always keep marketing, because if you stop marketing, your pipeline will dry up and eventually you will will not have enough work to go around.

We are here to keep your marketing efforts moving. Our electrical contractor marketing experts can provide your business with the marketing tools you need for success, from corporate identity, to advertising and marketing, to web development, through printing services, while meeting your objectives, schedule, and budget. Let us become your marketing arm and drive the business that you need.

With a top quality website and online marketing presence, you can be a strong competitor - and you can enjoy all of the benefits that comes with it: more customers, more CONSISTENT lead generation, the ability to know what your customers want just as soon as they want it, and many, many more.

How We Help Your Electrician Business
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We promise to make every effort to ensure your satisfaction. We'd like to be your marketing partner for as long as your electrical service business is around. In order to be worthy of that, we are dedicated to serving all of your business needs.

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