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What are the Dangers of a Gas Leak?

There are hazards inherent to natural gas-if the levels are high enough, it can be fatal. Still, natural gas is frequently called one of the safest and cleanest-burning fuel sources there is. More than 65 million homes in the US use natural gas to power their stoves, water heaters, and other appliances. Read this article to learn about the dangers of a natural gas leak and what to do if you smell a gas leak in your home.

Catch Basin Cleaning

Part of being a responsible business owner is taking care of catch basin cleaning. Help keep your company running smoothly and your customers happy by getting regular maintenance for your commercial properties storm drains and you should be set for success. Learn more about catch basin cleaning and the benefits of preventative maintenance in this article.

Water Heater Systems

There are a lot of choices whenever it comes to water heaters. From selecting a fuel source such as gas or electric to deciding between a hot water tank or going tankless, it can be difficult to choose the right water heater for your needs. Read this article to learn more facts about different water heater systems and how to trouble-shoot common issues.

Maintain Your Electric Water Heater

Keeping up with your water heater is a choice that you'll need to make for better preservation of the system because we often take maintenance for granted. A water heater can be a very reliable appliance given the proper maintenance. In this article, you will learn how to properly maintain your electric water heater.