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Licensed Bed Bug Heat Treatment Specialists Serving The Greater Toronto Area

Bed bug infestations are among the worst problems that any homeowner can encounter. Bed bugs are more than just an irritation or an inconvenience — they’re extremely persistent pests that are a hugely serious threat to your health. Getting rid of bed bugs is no easy task, and the job needs to be extremely thorough if it’s going to be effective. You need to be sure to hire a professional who you know you can trust with the job. This is why locals rely on the expertise of our Toronto bed bug heat treatment and removal specialists here at Bed Bug Authority Canada.

At Bed Bug Authority Canada, our specialists are licensed, professionally trained, and always discreet. We’ll make sure that the problem is solved completely and we'll leave behind no pests to potentially re-infest your home. We know how important our services are to you and your family, so we’ll make sure that you get the best possible workmanship and customer service.

the Toronto Bed Bug Heat Treatment Pros

Bed Bug Authority Canada is the number one bed bug extermination company in Ontario. We are a team of experts and specialists who use the heat treatment method, a one-day treatment process that is the only safe and effective method for ridding a site of bed bug infestation. This one-time, chemical-free process our Toronto bed bug heat treatment specialists use leaves no residue and is totally safe for pets, children, the elderly, and the infirm.

We use the “Green Tech Heat Solution” Titan gas fired portable heating units. They are safe and effective, and they’re the most efficient method of heating in large volumes. Each unit has a rating of 500,000 BTU, which is suitable for treating up to 1700 ft2.


Bed Bug Authority Canada Ltd is rated 5 / 5

"BBAC is the company you want to call when you're experiencing the horrible bed bug invasion. They were super quick to respond. Very helpful. Extremely knowledgeable. And actually really cared about my home (and my health!). I pray no one ever has to deal with this situation, but if you do, call these guys. Trust me!" -

Rachelle | Burlington, Canada

"This is my letter of confirmation that I was very pleased with the service provided by Bed Bug Authority Canada Ltd. Their promptness, affordability and efficiency was greatly appreciated and I would certainly recommend them to anyone needing these services." -

Nick | Hamilton, Canada

"I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Tony and his wife. My 19 year old daughter recently moved to Toronto from Vancouver to attend school. We signed a 1 year lease and she promptly moved into this unit with brand new furniture that we had just bought at Ikea. Within 2 days of being at the apartment she awoke the next day with several bites on her lower legs and found bed bugs crawling on her blanket. My wife and I were in Vancouver and were lost for words and panicked. We called Tony and his wife who spent countless hours of their time educating us on Toronto laws and about bed bugs in general. We knew that our daughter could not stay there for her mental well being and the mere fact that she could bring it back to us in Vancouver was enough for us to get on the plane to find her new accomodation. We called the Management Co. and asked them to break our lease to which they refused advising us that all they were legally required to do was spray the suite. Not knowing who the company was I decided to move her regardless. When I advised Tony of this he provided me with some Ontario Legislation regarding bed bugs and the fact that any Landlord must disclose to all new tenants prior to any lease being signed of a bed bug history to the unit and building within the last 5 years. The Managament Co quickly changed their mind and terminated our lease and offered to refund all of our money. Thank you Tony and Eve. Your customer service was far beyond that of any business I have EVER dealt with. Without hesitation I would use Tony's Co." -

Ray | Vancouver, Canada

"We discovered that when we bought our lovely home that we were getting bites from the second night we slept there. Our children were not getting bitten but it didn’t take us long to realize that we had purchased a home with bed bugs! After calling around a few companies we finally settled on the Bed Bug Authority Canada, they were extremely understanding and facilitating from inspection to doing the treatment and follow up advice. They came and treated the home within three days – there was no mess left behind and the bugs are history. If I ever had bed bugs again I wouldn’t hesitate to call this company, they are fantastic!" -

Joanne | Mississauga, ON

"We got our introduction to bed bugs in early June. We can trace it back to when our son came home from college for the March break, it seems he brought these unwanted guests with him.It was several weeks later before their existence in our lives became apparent. I got up one night and found this strange bug on the bed sheet. It was the next morning when I resorted to the internet for information when I got a shock to realize that this was a bed bug. On further investigation I was sure. We decided after much study that heat treatment would be our weapon of choice.One company I had come across during my search on the internet was Bed Bug Authority Canada. I called them, discussed our situation and Tony (the owner) came out to our house that evening and confirmed my finding. He gave us a very informative run down on what to do in preparation for treatment and his quote was comparatively reasonable to other similar companies. Two days later Tony and his crew arrived with all their equipment and by the end of the day our home was baked and we were free of this scourge. We were also treated as well as our 2 cars. Tony was adamant that we were totally clear of any chance of re-contamination and gave us strict instructions on what to do when our son comes home again.In the aftermath while cleaning we have found many dead bug bodies as a reminder of what we went through and we feel forever grateful for a mostly painless conclusion to this traumatic experience.We would recommend Bed Bug Authority Canada, Tony and his crew, hands down, without hesitation and we are delighted with the service they provided."

John | Burlington, ON

"I can imagine the emotional and physical distress suffered by people who have bed bugs. I tried eradicating them by chemicals available in the stores with no success. I had sleepless nights watching and looking out for them. I was almost on the verge of nervous breakdown when I contacted Tony from Bed Bug Authority Canada. He assured me that the heat treatment not only kill the bugs but also their eggs. Over the years bed bugs have developed resistant to most of the chemicals used for extinguishing them. It is neither safe nor effective. Heat treatment is 100% safe for us and the home with guaranteed results. Tony and his team helped us get rid of bed bugs for good.They did a great job. I really appreciate their patience and would certainly recommend them to people in similar situation." -

Gagandeep | Mississauga, ON

"My family and I are extremely grateful for helping us get our lives back. We struggled with bed bugs for quite some time and have had our previous home treated several times to absolutely no avail. We eventually had to move but we only brought the pests with us. Finally we were fortunate enough to stumble upon Bed Bug Authority Canada while desperately searching the web for a real and final solution. Tony and his professional crew provided their expertise by way of initial & discrete consultation, discrete treatment (un marked vehicles) Follow up to ensure that the problem was eradicated. My family and I will happily recommend BBAC to anyone looking to permanently, professionally and affordably eradicate bed bugs from their lives." -

Peter | Milton, ON

"I have purchased a house that was badly infested with bed bugs. We found out that we got them after spending our first night at the new place. My daughter has severe allergy to bed bug bites and had to go to the clinic to get some treatment. After researching online and talking to others I found out that the only way to kill them is the thermal treatment. I called a few places and Eve from Bed Bug Authority Canada was the first one to call me back, she was very understanding and scheduled the treatment right away. Tony came and did the inspection of the house and gave me instructions how to prepare for the treatment. He also found a mice nest and some mold but reassured me that the heat treatment will eliminate it all. He arrived with his equipment on time (even earlier) and made my new home to a sauna. I still have a bit of paranoia and freak out when I see little specks of dirt that would remind me of little creatures. Eve recommended getting white bed sheets (easier to spot them). They also provided me with a confirmation that my house was infested long before I moved in and my lawyer helped me to get reimbursed (sellers did not mention that they are leaving their “pets” behind) If you find yourself in a similar situation – call 416.951.0383 – and get help from Bed Bug Authority Canada. Your nightmare will be over." -

Oksana | Vaughan, ON

Services Offered:

  • Heat Treatment
  • House Preparation
  • Multi Unit Dwellings Bed Bug Removal
  • Condo Bed Bug Removal
  • Apartment Bed Bug Removal
  • Bed Bug Products
  • Bed Bug Removal
  • Bed Bug Exterminator

Cities Serviced:

  • Toronto, ON
  • Mississauga, ON
  • Brampton, ON
  • Milton, ON
  • Oakville, ON
  • Burlington, ON
  • Hamilton, ON
  • Guelph, ON

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