Onboarding Information

The onboarding phase consists of your first few weeks as a client with Footbrige Media. This phase officially ends once your website has been launched. During this time we develop your website, check online business listings for any issues we notice, start the process of creating online listings for your company, and begin working with your Google My Bussiness Account. During this time your main point of contact is the on boarding manager. The onboarding process is a step-by-step process that helps us to establish your company within the Footbridge Media system.

  • Step 1: Information Packet Completed - You will receive the information packet within the welcome email. This will need to be completed in order to get started.
  • Step 2: Information Packet Follow Up - After the information has been received, the onboarding manager will follow up with any addtional questions via email.
  • Step 3: Website Layout - After all information has been provided, we will begin working on the website layout. A layout is simply a one page example of what your site will look like.
  • Step 4: Layout Ready for Approval - Within 3-5 business days you will be sent a link to your completed layout via email. At this time you will note any changes needed to the overall look and feel of the site, services, or service areas.
  • Step 5: Layout Approved - Once you are satisfied with the layout, we will begin completing the rest of the site. From the date that you approve your layout, it typically take 3-4 weeks to complete the entire site.
  • Step 6: Marketing Consultants - A member of the marketing team will reach out to touch base with you during this time.
  • Step 7: Name, Address, and Phone Check - Typically occuring during week 1 after layout approval, we will check for any issues with current online business listings. We will email any issues we find over to you, and work with you to resolve these issues for best search engine optimization results.
  • Step 8: Website Content - Typically occuring during week 1 after layout approval, we will provide you with detailed information about the content writing process for the site. You will be sent questions, that can help us personalize your website content.
  • Step 9: Gmail Account Creation - Typically occuring during week 2 after layout approval, we will reach out to set up a Gmail account our team can utlize to access and create your online bussiness listings.
  • Step 10: Online Bussiness Listings - Typically occuring during week 3 after layout approval, the citations team will reach out to get access or assist with Google My Business. (Note, you must work with us to have the Gmail account created in order to move on to this step.)
  • Step 11: Website Launch - Typically occuring during week 4 after layout approval, you will be notified via email that your site has launched and provided with the next steps, and contact information to utlize moving forward.

After Your Site Launches

  • Ranking - On average it takes 4-5 months to see first page rankings in Google (This timeframe depends on various factors including previous search engine optimization done for your company, online business listing issues not being resolved, your location, and the competition in your area.)
  • Review Management System - This will be installed to your site, and the marketing team will provide you with logins and more information on the software.
  • Introductory Call - You will step up an intro call with the marketing team to discuss further marketing actions for your company.