5 Quick Social Media Tips Contractors Should Be Doing

5 Quick Social Media Tips Contractors Should Be Doing
Aaron O'Hanlon
Aaron O'Hanlon December 5, 2011

As we continue to provide our social media marketing, I am always aware of other home improvement contractors who are managing their own social media presence and find it disconcerting on how it is being utilized. Some contractors understand that they "must" use social media, but seem to not understand "how" to use it properly.

Social Media is more about customer service and education, then it is about marketing. Of course you are going to want to see leads generated, but it is a cost effective way to educate your clients and handle any problems you may have.

Here are five quick tips on how you can utilize your social media presence better:

  1. Showcase your completed projects with video - Do not simply display photos, but describe in detail what was needed on the project. You can end the video with the homeowner describing their experience as well. Not only is this beneficial as a marketing tool, but you can get a testimonial and help potential clients understand the ordeal of a project.
  2. Educate your homeowners with photos - Starting with a BEFORE photo and ending with a FINISHED photo walk your social media audience through each project. DO NOT just throw up photos. Describe what is in each photo and what you are currently doing.
  3. Engage Your Audience - Ask questions, provide surveys, try to get information from your clients. This will allow you not only to provide good customer service, but also information directly from the source that will help your company do better in marketing and customer service.
  4. Educate Your Audience with News - Is there a new energy efficient product? A cool new bathroom feature? You should always be on top of your industry, so why not share with your audience the latest and greatest. You will not believe how many homeowners may be interested in the latest news in the home improvement industry.
  5. Get Personal - I know that this is the most difficult part, and trust me, as someone who has to manage our own social media markets, this can be quite difficult. It is beneficial to be personal about your company. You do not always have to post projects, specials, or actual "home improvement" information. Share with your client what is going on with your company, your personal life, etc. This is the true essence of social media. Write posts about things that interest your target audience. One good thing is to take the news articles that we provide in our monthly newsletter and share that information directly to your social media sources.

If you have other social media tips and tricks that you think would be a useful addition to this list, let us know on our Facebook page today!

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