6 Productivity Hacks: Some Simple Ways to Squeeze a Bit More Time Into Your Business

6 Productivity Hacks: Some Simple Ways to Squeeze a Bit More Time Into Your Business
Chris Lonergan
Chris Lonergan April 4, 2017

Running a small business means that you are constantly juggling your work and personal life responsibilities. Especially difficult when operating a small business is being able to take care of today's tasks at hand while also looking out for the future growth of your business. Let's discuss a few simple ways that you can try to maximize your time with a few productivity hacks and ideas to keep your business in order while keeping your sanity in check.

1. Social Media Automation

While your social media marketing efforts certainly requires interaction, some aspects can be more set-it-and-forget-it. By preparing your social media activity a week in advance and using a bit of social media automation, you can have an active social media presence without having to be constantly jumping in-and-out of websites or applications on a daily basis.

Popular social media automation tool options: Hootsuite, IFTTT

2. Write It Down

Maintaining a small business is a lot like spinning plates, you've got to do your best to keep your attention spread throughout every aspect of your business from legal to employee training. Keep a written plan of attack to help you to organize your thoughts and overall business goals. It doesn't have to be anything formal or fancy – just make sure you can easily access and modify your written plans.

Popular methods: Google Documents and Sheets / OpenOffice

3. Create Conquerable Lists

Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will your business. There will always be work left on the table for another day – the key is to recognize what is most important in the moment and prioritize what needs to be accomplished. Create a conquerable list to identify what must be done today and what tasks can wait for another time.

Popular list management tools: Google Keep, Evernote

4. Get Hated Tasks Out Of The Way

Chances are you started a business because of a passion for your craft or because you enjoy maintaining customer relationships. You didn't do it because you love handling legal paperwork or managing business finances. At the same time, it is a necessity of small business life to wear many hats when you need to get the job done. Instead of dragging out your most dreaded tasks, knock them out early in your day. Doing those hated tasks in the morning when you have more energy (and patience!) will allow you to be more productive and let you get back to those more favorable tasks.

Popular tools: Lots of coffee, sheer will and determination

5. Delegate Lesser Tasks

If your small business has grown to the point where you are able to have a few employees, congratulations! Now, for the hard part – you've got to make the transition from getting your hands dirty every day to addressing the concerns of managing your business as a whole. There aren't enough hours in the day for you to effectively do it all by yourself, so take stock of all the to-do's on your list and figure out which ones you absolutely must do and which can be safely delegated to another member of your growing team. It is a great demonstration of trust in your team, plus it helps free you up so that you can be take care of your overall business health.

Popular tools: Your Business Plan of Attack, Conquerable Lists

6. It's Okay to Say No

Not every question has to be answered with a "yes." Whether it is an employee or a customer, sometimes saying no is in the best interest of your business. Not every situation is an emergency and not every job may be worth taking. That's not to say that you should leave your staff or clients high-and-dry in a time of need. One of the perks to growing your company and having effective marketing is that you get to pick and choose your clients. You don't have to run across town for a leaky faucet when you have a more profitable job closer to HQ. You don't have to drop everything to care of an office problem that doesn't need to be resolved immediately. Your schedule doesn't have to be chuck full of stuff for you to take care of your company – the important thing is maintaining the priorities of your business. And sometimes, that requires saying no.

Popular Methods: Taking a step back and getting perspective on the situation

Will these productivity hacks help you find another 8 hours each week? Probably not! But slow-and-steady progress is okay too.

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