Creating the WOW Experience

Creating the WOW Experience
Aaron O'Hanlon
Aaron O'Hanlon August 11, 2011

Unfortunately, that's not the norm in the home improvement industry. In fact, the norm is to make a lot of promises and then under-deliver. To do "just enough". To cut corners. To be satisfied with "good enough".

By doing the "little things", you help to distinguish yourself from the rest of your competitors that can't or won't take those extra steps. What you are trying to do is exceed expectations. Here are some ways you can do that:

After you've sold the job and included everything that's going to be done on the signed contract, look for something extra you can do while you're there (then tell the client that you did it). It doesn't have to be big. Does their lamppost need painting? Something minor need to be repaired? You get the idea.

Don't however, be so concerned about doing something extra that you don't do the best possible job on what you're contracted to do. It's not enough to be good at what you do. To get tons of happy clients and tons of referrals, you have to absolutely blow them away!

Here is a checklist of some possible things that you can do:

  • Show up the day the work was promised at the exact specified time. If impossible, then call the minute you know it's impossible and tell the truth. Communication is key.
  • Complete the job exactly to the contract specifications. No short cuts.
  • Look for something extra and do it. Give them More than they Expect!
  • Dress to convey the image you want to send. Whether it be in a coat and tie or casual shirt and paints, be aware of the image you're sending to your clients.
  • Keep a clean work site! Nobody likes having their house or property cluttered up with dust, discarded materials, tools, etc. Clean up after yourself everyday! Some contractors where booties, which adds a little more to the client experience.
  • Bring muffins or doughnuts for the homeowners on the first and last day of the job. Remember this is there home and having any type of project or work can be stressful.
  • Personally drop in on your client a couple days after the work has been completed, and after you've been paid. Bring out a small surprise gift of appreciation. A tin of cookies, a plant, whatever. You can personalize your thank you gift to your clients. For example, if you had a client who likes fine wine, bring out a nice bottle of wine as a token of your appreciation. I've seen contractors give photo albums of before and after shots, which have worked very well.
  • A personal written thank you note.

Remember, the underlying premise in receiving a ton of repeat and referral business is to "WOW" your client. So, what are you doing to "WOW" your clients. Leave your comments and suggestions below.

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