Facebook Page Changes: What These News Feed Tweaks Mean to You

Facebook Page Changes: What These News Feed Tweaks Mean to You
Chris Lonergan
Chris Lonergan January 22, 2014

On Tuesday, Facebook announced further changes to the news feed algorithm and who sees what. After determining that users react more positively to friend text updates than page text updates, this algorithm change will display more text updates from friends and display less text updates from pages.

Didn't We Just Have a Change?

This update comes hot on the heels of the December Facebook algorithm change. The change, as announced on December 2, was meant to highlight quality articles and timely content and decrease the visibility of memes and ecards. The end result for many page owners was a drop in reach for image and link posts.

What Do I Have to Do Now?

Part of the January algorithm press release infers that properly displayed links and quality content should get a boost, but what kind of content will work best? Just as always, there is no one way to get more organic views and bigger reach. But we do have a few tips for page owners on general good practices.

  • Evaluate Your Audience - Every page and every audience is different. Some will react to text, others to pictures of your job site, others to videos. Take a look at your previous post reach and determine what type of post your audience likes.
  • Talk About What's Going On NOW - A big part of the December update dealt with timely content. When big events happen, buzz is created online. By becoming a part of the buzz, your content will be recognized by the algorithm its visibility may be boosted.
  • Encourage Comments - Another major element of the December update was "bumps" for older content with fresh comments. Encourage user engagement via questions and calls to action. This increased interaction can lead to increased visibility, even hours after your original post time.
  • Pay For It - Facebook ads are a great way to create content that is incredibly hyper focused. If you want to advertise to females 20-34 in Poughkeepsie who watch HGTV or males 35-59 in Austin who like Duck Dynasty and BBQ, you can reach them. Even on a small budget, you can easily grow your Facebook reach with the right message and advertising plan.
  • Let Us Do It! - Our skilled social media professionals keep an ear to the ground and keep themselves up to date on the best ways to actively engage your fan base and potential client pool.

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