Get Your Content Out There

Get Your Content Out There
Aaron O'Hanlon
Aaron O'Hanlon November 29, 2010

We already explained in a previous blog that content is king in regards to your marketing presence. Now, we need to talk about how to get your content out there for people to see.

Have something to say? Start blogging. The quickest way to add content to your website is to write articles. Articles about your business, helpful tips for your readers, or maybe an explanation of a previous project for a customer. Whatever you have on your mind, get it out there. Give your website visitors something they can engage in.

Having a place to share various topics of discussion can open up many possibilities and ideas to write about. Talk about your latest project you're working on, with some photos of your progress. Give home improvement tips for your readers and customers, or just information about what is going on in your industry, it doesn't matter, just get it out there.

A blog with a variety of topics will also help your site rank better in major search engines. With blogs becoming a better resource for information, search engines take a close look at blogs and what they are saying. Writing articles about your services that you offer, along with articles that get your potential customer's attention, helps increase traffic to your site and gives more information about who you are and what you do.

And now the best part, it's free! Even if you do not have website, you can start a blog at or just to name a few free services that will make content creating as easy as possible.

Footbridge Media can integrate a blog into any of our client's site and get you started in sharing your topics and ideas right away. Learn more about other services we offer along with getting you set up with a blog by visiting our contractor marketing program page.

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