Make It Easy for Customers to Recognize Your Company: Building a Strong Brand

Make It Easy for Customers to Recognize Your Company: Building a Strong Brand
Chris Lonergan
Chris Lonergan August 17, 2018

When we talk about branding efforts, some people think of the big leagues – the Google, Kleenex, and Xerox of the world – where their company name has become so completely saturated that we use the company itself as a verb ("Google what Chinese restaurants are still open – I'm starving!") or as a noun ("Don't forget to pick up a box of Kleenex for little Billy to bring to school").

It takes YEARS of time on the job, usually backed by BIG BUCKS to get to that point. So to be clear, we're not saying that someone is going to say "Let's ‘Dave's HVAC' this situation and get it fixed up quick!" is going to happen any time soon. (Sorry Dave).

But, having a cohesive brand is still pretty darn important for a business that is looking to grow. It helps people to recognize who you are, just because of the colors. usual combinations of shapes, and common themes of your marketing – and making it easy for people to recognize your company is a great way to maintain top-of-mind awareness and get the most out of your marketing spend.

What Does Your Website Look Like?

Because it is usually the most important core aspect of your marketing presence, making sure your website has your most current branding is important.

  • Your Logo – How your brand logo is presented?
  • Your Font Choice – Is your font choice for text on the website consistent with the logo or "feel" of your website?
  • Your Color Selection
  • Your Call-To-Action Text
  • Specific Artwork – Specific character art, pictures of the owner/operator, pictures of the kids and/or dog
  • Your Voice – Is your website all business? Is it playful? Are you saying "I" or "we"?

Does Your Social Media Match?

When you're crafting your social media presence, make sure your logo art and colors all match up. You don't want there to be any confusion about if the Facebook account a user is looking at really is the counterpart to the website.

While your website's tone of voice is important – you can really show off your company's personality on social media. Just make sure you are consistent with your brand message.

All the Other Places You Exist on the Web

Aside from the importance of NAP consistency, you want to make sure your brand is consistent over all of your other web citations and listings. If your logo is updated, it should be updated on your Google Listing, Yelp page, Yellow Pages, and everywhere else.

Your Advertisements – Online and Traditional Media

Just because you're paying for advertising doesn't mean you shouldn't still build your campaigns based on your branding. Your Pay Per Click display banner ads should feel like small extensions of your website – with a common color / texture / or theme to your overall branding and marketing efforts. That includes all of your advertising – from radio and TV ads to billboards and sponsorships.

Your Offline Marketing Presence – Print Marketing That Matches Your Brand

Your business cards, invoices, letterhead, and thank you cards should all have the same visual appeal and a shared design theme with the remainder of your branding. The idea extends even further out – it should include your direct mail postcards and flyers as well.

Consistency is Key – Make Your Brand Your Brand

You spend time, money, and effort when putting your marketing together. Maximize those efforts by ensuring your marketing simply "goes together" to improve your effectiveness and maximize the potential for building top-of-mind awareness in your local community.

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