Prospect Packets - What Are You Using?

Prospect Packets - What Are You Using?
Aaron O'Hanlon
Aaron O'Hanlon June 21, 2011

Regardless if you just gave an estimate, or they have already purchased, every potential client should be receiving some form of prospect packet. Included in these packets should be:

  • Welcome letter
  • Copies of all license and insurance information
  • List of 10 references with contact information
  • Brochures on products
  • Process information ( what will the client expect with the project)
  • Current copy of your newsletter
  • Testimonial list
  • Association Membership certifications
  • Consumer Articles (Why Hire Us, What You Need To Know Before Hiring, etc)

The more information you supply to the potential client, the less questions you will have to answer. And, by providing them with so much information, it will show you are more reliable and trustworthy than the competition. If you have any addition questions about prospect packets, please contact us today!

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