Want Help With Your Contractor Website? Get Testimonials!

Want Help With Your Contractor Website? Get Testimonials!
Aaron O'Hanlon
Aaron O'Hanlon September 26, 2012

As Google's algorithms change and social media begins to creep into every aspect of your web presence, there are some things that require a client's participation.

Get More Testimonials and Reviews

If you are getting testimonials and reviews, we can incorporate them into the website. Reviews in Google will also help your ranking. If you have problems getting testimonials, please feel free to read a past blog post, "Building Your Testimonial List". As you can see below:

When searching for contractors, even if your website may not be ranking #1, you are more likely to receive a click through if clients can see that you have lots of positive reviews. The more positive reviews your company has, the more likely it is that a potential client will be willing to engage with your business.

Reviews can also make a site more personal. Instead of generic text and images, having the personal feel of reviews has a significant impact on making your business stand out. The more reviews you can provide us, which includes a name and location, can also benefit your overall optimization. You have most likely seen this on review sites like Yelp or other large directory sites. So, if you are holding back on your testimonials, please get them in today!

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