Why You Should Have a Monthly Contractor Email Newsletter

Why You Should Have a Monthly Contractor Email Newsletter
Footbridge Media
Footbridge Media January 31, 2017

A great marketing tool our clients tend to overlook is our monthly contractor email newsletter. It's one of those "goldilocks" of marketing – it's not too overbearing and it's not too expensive. It's just the right amount of regular communication with your customer base that keeps your brand and service out there in a cost effective manner. Not to mention, it's one of those marketing tactics that's been around since email started. While technology is constantly changing, this is one of those tools you can still count on today to help you out.

How Sending Out an Contractor Email Newsletter Once a Month Can Benefit Your Business

  • It's a great way to keep your company on your clients' minds...without seeming like spam. Sending out a newsletter once a month can help you maintain a relationship with your current client base.
  • You can easily promote specials that will help drum up business during slow times – and who doesn't love a great deal? (And as we've mentioned before, during holidays like Black Friday and Christmas, many people are more willing to "shop" when they think they're getting a deal, whether you're offering major savings or not.)
  • You can use the newsletter as a way to make your company more personable – feature team bios, community involvement, or even lighthearted stories about what's going on at your business to engage your readers and show them that you're more than just a business.
  • Newsletter marketing doesn't have to conform to search engine restrictions, so you've got more freedom with the content you want to send out to your clients.
  • Email newsletters are more cost effective that their print counterparts. Plus, it's more likely that your audience will look your online newsletter over instead of tossing it straight into the recycling bin.
  • E-Newsletters are an easy way to keep your client base informed of upcoming service reminders, specials, events – anything you want to get out there!

It's hard to beat the ease of email when it comes to contacting your clients. Just reflect on some of the retailers and companies you do business with – how many of them offer newsletter subscriptions? Just about every retail website you go to now will have a popup box begging you to "subscribe for extra savings"! And you know what? It works.

Frequency & the Dangers of Getting Flagged as Spam

You've probably noticed some businesses – especially retailers – send out "newsletters" or promotional emails every week, if not more. For contractors and service based professionals, we recommend keeping your email marketing efforts down to once per month. Frequent email send outs often have internet users flagging what could be a useful marketing tool as spam.

What Should I Put in My Contractor Email Newsletter?

Your newsletter offers a snapshot of your company. Being hands-on and providing some content of your own helps to personalize your message and make it more appealing. Here's some inspiration to consider for your company's newsletters:

  • Promote Service Specials - make an exclusive "newsletter-only" coupon for your clients
  • Feature a Recent Project - use one of your individual project posts from your website
  • Recognize Others - for example, an employee of the month, great clients, local community leaders and non-profits
  • Maintenance Reminders - this one is particularly useful for landscaping, cleaning and HVAC businesses
  • Articles - feature a short, informative article that focuses on a service or product
  • Photos - of your company in action; this is also a good opportunity to humanize your business (tip: people love animals...consider featuring a "pet of the month," and your newsletter is almost guaranteed to get someone's attention.)

Email Marketing Made Easy

Monthly contractor email newsletters are one of the easiest things you can do to help your business, and at Footbridge Media we make it effortless. As an additional service – we offer a monthly contractor email marketing plan, which features:

  • Personalized Graphic Design Template
  • Articles focused on engaging your customer's interest
  • Promotion of your company's social media accounts and website
  • A cost effective way to establish your brand and send out a newsletter to up to 1,500 subscribers each month

Our program is about more than just blasting out a pretty awesome, customized monthly email newsletter tailored to your company's needs, though. We also provide you with:

  • Built-in Spam Guards (get out of here, spam!)
  • Automatic unsubscribe feature (no need to suffer rejection – or keep track of a database or spreadsheet of email addresses)
  • Contact list management (leave it to us!)

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