Bright Idea: Answering Common Questions To Build Your Online Marketing

bright idea answering common questions

If you operate a business, you’re going to get questions. Sometimes you’ll get the same questions over and over again. To your industry, it is everyday stuff – the in’s and out’s of your job. But to a layperson, it’s all brand new. You probably have answered the same question 100 times over. “Why should I use this material?” “Why does it have to be done this way?” “What do you mean it costs that much?”

These questions can be a gold mine for you and your website. Answering common questions as presented by your potential clients lays the groundwork proving that you are an established industry expert – with the know-how and skill set required to get the job done well. Let’s think about a few ways that we can answer your client’s most common questions to build your brand.

You can take advantage of your answering common questions by …

  • Creating an FAQ
  • Providing Answers to Commonly Asked Questions Via Your Blog
  • Answering Google’s Questions Directly
  • Individual Project Posts – Answering the “Can You Show Me” Question

Start Things Slowly With An FAQ

Not all of your information has to be distilled all at once. Building up an FAQ is like preparing your future blog posts. To start, your Frequently Asked Questions section answers each inquiry with a short, one or two sentence answer. Down the line, you can create more thorough answers and fully elaborate in the form of a blog post.

Providing Answers to Commonly Asked Questions Via Your Blog

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If you notice a trend of people asking the same questions over and over, you know that you’ve got a great topic to write about. Answering common questions for concerned potential clients can help establish you as an expert in the field, and give your prospective customer the confidence they need to choose you.

I recently saw a friend on Facebook who did just this. As cited in the blog description – the business received regular inquiries about a specific topic. The business then crafted a blog post, explaining the benefits of using their company while also answering the question.

Sharing the content to potential clients via the business Facebook page was also great, but the icing on the cake was having the business owner himself share the business Facebook page post to his friends and colleagues to further distribute the content. If you and your business were able to do the same on a regular basis, with equally high quality content, I’d venture to say you would see consistent positive numbers in your Facebook page activity and your website traffic.

Answer Common Questions Via Google “Quick Answers”

The Google “Knowledge Box” section is always growing and evolving. Given that people, as a whole, are getting more comfortable with their computers and smart devices – search queries are becoming more conversational. As always, Google is listening. To best answer a query, Google is trying to determine the best answers – via a Knowledge panel or “Quick Answers” box. This format is an interesting one. While I personally see these answers eventually becoming more locally focused – they currently only answer questions on a national level… which is still okay! In theory, the more that Google understands that your website is an authoritative figure – the better your site as a whole should rank

In practical application – this process can be tricky. Aside from ensuring the site is technically sound – the way you phrase your writing of “the answer” to the question must be informative and conversational, like your site content is naturally answering the question being asked.

Individual Project Posts – The “Can You Show Us Examples” Question

People love to see examples of work. Especially if you are a home building or remodeling contractor, you can be pretty sure that a savvy consumer will want to see samples of your work before they sign on the dotted line and commit themselves (and their money!) to your business operation.

Be proud of the work that you complete. Considering that the smartphone in your pocket takes better pictures than most point-and-shoot cameras from even a just a few years ago – You’ve got the tools necessary to document the high quality work that you do. So the next time a client asks, you’ll be able to wow them with your previous projects.

UPDATE: With the increase in services that customer’s interact with by voice alone (like Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and Google Assistant) along side the physical products that you interact through (like iPhone, Echo, or Google Home devices) – having a good quality FAQ with useful information and ranking as a “Quick Answer” or “result zero” at the very top of the page means that you can potential spread your business presence to this quickly growing customer base.

How do you plan on answering common questions to build your company and your brand? What have you done in the past to answer your client’s questions that has been successful? Tell us in the comments, Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus!


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