5 Contractor Website Tips To Maximize Your Conversion

maximizing contractor website conversion
Chris Lonergan
Chris Lonergan April 10, 2024

It's great if your website is getting traffic, but is it converting those visitors into leads? Let's talk about 5 contractor website tips to maximize your conversion - so you can get the most leads possible out of your web traffic.

Have A Clear Call To Action

The purpose of your website is to sufficiently inform, educate, and reassure your visitor that they've come to the right place for solutions to their problems. From there, they are primed and ready to contact - so make it easy to do so.

When we talk about your call to action, we mean the right "tap to call" phone numbers, enticingly phrased buttons like "Get Free Estimate" or "Schedule Now," and the type of content that motivates someone to act now instead of later.

Prominent call to action should be placed at the very top and bottom of every page of your website and within the content as necessary to motivate lookers to become leads.

Responsive, Fast-Loading Websites

To maximize conversion, your website must be easy to use. That means having a fast-loading website whether your visitor is on their old smartphone, their iPad, or a desktop computer.

Responsive design and websites that load quickly do not happen by accident. It takes some specific planning in the very bones of a website to make that happen.

It's one of those instances where it is much easier to get it right the first time by having a solid blueprint for your website's design and development. Otherwise, repairing it in place after the fact likely won't yield as significant returns as if you did it right in the first place.

Using Social Proof To Build Trust

Social proof can come in a lot of forms.

When a user lands on your website, you want to immediately comfort them and let them know you're the right fit for their needs.

You can prove that you're worthy of their trust by heavily featuring customer reviews and familiar logos and badges pertinent to your business operations.

So, if you're an accredited BBB member, you can add their badge to your site.

Feature key performance details when they are impressive, like your years of experience, specific training and certification, or the number of customers you've served.

On your home page, feature some recent reviews so potential customers can see the people who have successfully used your business and feel a little more comfortable when they call or leave their lead information.

You can and should also highlight your past work results to show people you know your stuff. That leads us to…

Showing Off Your Work With High-Quality Visuals

Stock photos are okay for businesses just starting out. But if your business has been in operation for more than six months, you should have pictures of you and your actual work that would be more appealing than a stock image.

We're proponents of featuring jobs that have great photos and reviews. Called "Individual Project Pages" or "Individual Project Posts," there are brief case studies that offer insight into your work for specific service types and in specific areas.

Your home page especially should have graphics that show off your work. Bonus points if you have some video content of your own work that you can feature.

Prove You Are The Right Local Pro

Have content on your website that shows off your local roots. Your customers want to be reassured that you're local enough to really help them out.

Your home page should have a featured section with a map or list of the cities where you offer services.

You should also have specific pages on your website tailored to each major city you work in. That's not to say that every small neighborhood or zip code should have its own page - that can be a bit wasteful of your time and effort. But cities that are big enough targets are worth creating specific content for.

It helps to show searchers, whether they land on your home page or your city page, that you are in town and available to address their needs with your service.

Maximize the impact of your website by making sure you are maximizing your conversions. By having a responsive website that features clear call to action, quality demonstrations of your work, social proof, and the right local touch - you can get more website visitors to engage with your business.

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