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To put it simply, Google Pay Per Click Ads are an easy way to get more leads. With PPC, you have more control over your lead flow. PPC and Google Ads can generate leads faster than traditional organic and local optimization efforts.

Paid Ad Management - Specialized Exclusively for the Pressure Washing Industry

  • Custom Built PPC Campaigns - We know how good ad copy and relevant text, tailored to your market and the pressure washing industry, can help to streamline your ad budget.
  • Active, Ongoing Campaign Management - PPC is not set-it-and-forget-it. We review your campaigns for continual success
  • Custom Display Ad Design Available - Professional display graphics may be appropriate for your market, and we don't charge extra for it.
  • Remarketing Advertising Included - Combine the power of your existing website and your paid Google Ads by communicating with prospective clients that have already indicated their interest in your pressure washing services.
  • Up To $150 Credit In PPC Spend For Your First Month† - †Receive a credit on your initial month PPC spend (capped at $150) after 31 days.

Special Rate for Lean & Mean Academy Members

Get Started at $49 for the First Month $249 Per Month* After That

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Reduced Price for Your First Month

To make sure it is the right fit for your marketing plan, the first month is charged rate. This lets you get a feel for the service and its potential for success. As always with Footbridge, there are no contracts and no set up fees, so if you feel the service is not for you there is no commitment at all.

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Our Lean & Mean Academy affiliation allows you access to Footbridge Media's proven Google Ads management services, tailored specifically for the pressure washing industry.

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$49 for the First Month Then $249 Per Month* After That

Preparation of Targeted PPC Campaigns

Upon sign up we will send you a PPC packet for completion. We'll review your submitted information and communicate with you to verify our PPC campaign strategy, as tailored to your pressure washing business. We want to understand your specific goals before getting things started.

Keyword Construction

Custom campaigns will be built out using detailed keyword analysis for pressure washing and soft washing queries. The campaigns will be constantly monitored and updated as data is collected.

Display Ad Creation

Based on your input, custom display advertisements of various sizes will be created. The graphics will be created and maintained by our in-house graphic designers. These ads will be used throughout the Google Display Network.

Remarketing Enabled

In tandem with your display ads, Remarketing code may be inserted throughout your pressure washing website enabling you to advertise directly to users who have visited your site all of the Google Display Network.

Performance & Direct Reporting

After the campaigns go live, reports detailing the statistics will be emailed directly to you for review. You'll continue to receive two reports in each month so that we can identify your highest performing campaigns and continually modify your campaign over time based on success.

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  • Want to spend less time working on pressure washing advertising and campaign management?
  • Want to save money on more effective pressure washing ads compared to doing it yourself?
  • Want to get more pressure washing leads by tapping into the market of Google search users in your area?

If you said yes to the questions above, then you are ready to sign up for Google Ads Management!

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Special Rate for Lean & Mean Academy Members

Get Started at $49 for the First Month $249 Per Month* After That

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*The Footbridge Media Google Ads Management fee is $49 for the first month and $249 per month after that. This does not include the funds for your actual advertising budget with Google. Your recommended budget will depend on your area and industry - and will be paid separately from the Footbridge Media fees. The first month of services will include account set-up and initial data collection. Minimum budget recommendations are based on realistic campaign expectations.

Δ Receive a credit on your initial month PPC spend (capped at $150) after 31 days.

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