The Marketing Dance: The Two-Step Process to Earning More Customers

Marketing Dance Two Step To Get More Customers
Chris Lonergan
Chris Lonergan June 12, 2024

When it comes down to it, there is a basic two-step process that encompasses everything marketing. Whether we're talking about word-of-mouth, Google search, paid advertising, home shows, door knocking, or yard signs - it doesn't matter.

Everything boils down to these two steps.

When you simplify it all down to these basic terms, it makes understanding contractor marketing, advertising, retention, and repeat customers a little easier to understand.

The Two Steps To Customer Acquisition

The two steps we are talking about here are "Know" and "Like & Trust."

It seems simple on the surface - and it kind of is. But, when you think about it in terms of your everyday interactions with potential customers online and in the real world, it can be extremely informative in shaping everything that you do.

Know: Exposing Customers To Your Business And Brand

Let's take "Know" - People must be exposed to you. They have to be aware that you exist. You can do that using a variety of marketing and advertising tactics.

Let's go old school and talk about the rule of seven. That's a classic marketing concept that originates with 1930s movie marketing. The idea was that a potential moviegoer had to see a movie's poster at least seven times before buying tickets for that particular film.

Of course, in the 30s, they didn't have nearly as many potential avenues for marketing. Now, we have billboards, various forms of social media, YouTube, TV commercials, merchandising, and many other different ways in the real world and on every screen we own - so we are exposed to tons of messaging that is all vying for your attention.

For contractors and home service providers, that means you have to be present and visible so that you can go from just some random contractor to a contractor they've heard of before.

A Variety of Channels For People To Learn About Your Business

That's why we recommend having an online and real-world marketing presence that is as diverse as makes sense for your business. By having a professional presence using…

  • Your Website and Organic SEO
  • A Google Business Profile and Local SEO
  • Social Media Activity
  • Google Local Service Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Strategic Partnerships With Other Contractors, Realtors, Etc.
  • Home Shows
  • Nextdoor
  • Referral Marketing
  • Direct Mail Marketing
  • Trade Organization Involvement
  • Community Events
  • Video Marketing On YouTube

Having a diverse marketing portfolio means you have more potential opportunities for your business to be visible - repeatedly.

What Does Your Current Marketing Plan Do To Expose Your Business

Stop and think about how your business operates. What's your marketing plan like right now?

So when you find yourself short on leads, think about where your business is. Can you be found? What steps can you take to make sure more people KNOW who you are?

Like & Trust: Giving Potential Customers A Reason To Lean Toward You

Once you have a potential customer's attention, the next step is to make sure they like what they see.

You want to put your best foot forward for your business and give your prospects something to latch onto about why your business is best.

Sure, some of the basics like years of experience or minority-owned business or veteran-owned business are core facts that can influence a decision. But we need to look beyond that, to foster a connection with a potential customer based on who you are and who you've helped.

Storytelling and image crafting are important for contractors.

Unless they've had particularly positive experiences personally, there are lots of contractor horror stories - contractors who botched work, didn't show up on time, or ran away with money without completing the job. That is all noise and preconceived notions that you need to work through to convince a total stranger that you're the right choice, not a risky one.

How People Determine If You're The Right Contractor For The Job

Homeowners do more research now than they likely ever have before. And all they have to do is complete a simple Google search for your business name.

Try it out yourself. Type in your business name into Google and see what comes up.

  • Bad Yelp reviews?
  • Competitors?
  • A Google average rating of less than four stars? Or a very low number of Google reviews?
  • Links To Your Project Pages?
  • Your Social Media Platforms?
  • Your BBB page?
  • Videos about your business?

The wrong red flag will trigger a customer. They'll go back to the drawing board and find another contractor to research.

How To Shape Your Business As The Right Choice

Having a well-composed, cohesive marketing presence is one way to do just that. That means having some key elements in place to paint the right picture of your business.

Your Website

The goal is for your website to be one of the first results that come up for your business. On your website, have individual pages to show off your key services, feature the areas you service, and highlight your past projects.

A Google Business Profile

A well-curated GBP is necessary so that your "Knowledge Panel" shows up in the SERP for your business name. That should include a good number of reviews with a solid average rating for Google Reviews. Ideally, you should have more reviews than your top competitors and hold at least a 4-star average, if not better.

Facebook / BBB / Yelp / LinkedIn Pages For Your Business

These types of pages tend to show up for company name queries. Facebook pages should show recent posting activity. Your BBB should have zero unresolved complaints, and your Yelp page should have at least a 4-star average for reviews (this one is a tough one to crack, but worth it)

Good local mentions of your business

Like in a local Chamber of Commerce, local newspaper articles, etc, this type of content further solidifies the idea that you're a local contractor with clout.

Video Content

Positive videos that mention your business name - either as posted on your own YouTube channel or as part of local media appearances where possible

If you can set up your marketing to cover those bases, you'll be looking pretty good to dominate the first page of search engine results with content you can more or less control. That will help shift how a potential customer perceives you so you can be seen as the right choice for a business.

Know + Like & Trust: A Mindset For Your Business Growth

It's a simple concept, but it's one that can help you to take a step back and better tailor your business development practices.

With every customer interaction you have and every action you take, consider the impact on the "Know" and "Like & Trust" potential for your business.

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