What Are You Doing to Create Word of Mouth Referrals?

What Are You Doing to Create Word of Mouth Referrals?
Aaron O'Hanlon
Aaron O'Hanlon October 19, 2011

There is no arguing the fact that Word of Mouth marketing is one of the most powerful forms of marketing for any home improvement contractor.

Your contracting business can benefit significantly from positive Word Of Mouth marketing.Good work and craftsmanship is only one aspect of creating Word of Mouth leads, and it is important to understand why your clients are referring you.

Listed below are just a few ideas that can help you increase your Word of Mouth referrals:

Set Yourself Apart

It sounds simple but what actually makes you different then all your competitors? Think of other home improvement contractors and come up with something completely different. You can find some ideas on our post: Creating the WOW Experience

Customer Service, Customer Service, Customer Service

I cannot stress how important customer service means to a home improvement contractor and the generation of "Word of Mouth" referrals. When homeowners are getting work done their home, they are scared, unknowledgeable and do not know much about the process. Constant contact with clients and walking them through the process of a project is imperative. Ask yourself this question: "How many times do I contact a client before a project, during the project and after the project?"

Give Something Away for Free

Make sure to show your clients you care by simply giving them something for free. But be smart about it. You do not need to give any of your services away, but something small. I know a remodeling contractor that brings a dozen doughnuts from the local bakery the first day they start a project for the homeowners. Or create a photo album for the client of the entire project that they can keep. You don't always have to give away your services.

Teach Them Something – You Are the Pro

Everyone wants to look smart, so make sure you educate your clients on every aspect of what you are doing during a project. Write blog posts, articles, newsletters about small home improvement projects. Provide clients with hand outs of the difference between certain products that they may be deciding on. Nothing instills confidence in homeowners like knowing that the contractor that they're doing business with is a professional in their field.

Treat Everyone the Same - With a Great Deal of Respect and Courtesy

And this does not have to be just for clients. Treat vendors, suppliers and employees the way you'd want to be treated. It's not just your clients that spread the word about your business, it's everyone you deal with.

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