A Response is Worth More Than You May Know

A Response is Worth More Than You May Know
Aaron O'Hanlon
Aaron O'Hanlon August 5, 2011

I cannot shout loud enough the benefits of responding to everything. If it's an article you write for your blog, and someone leaves a comment, respond to that. Someone replied to you on twitter? Respond. Emails that need to be dealt with, respond. There is something to be said about time management, but I'll talk about that in the future.

Let's Take a Look at Some Twitter Statistics, Shall We?

According to "Useful Social Media", over 58% of people who have tweeted about a bad experience regarding a certain business have never received a response from that company they mentioned. But the majority of those people expect a response... and what happens to their attitude towards that company if there is no response? The situation doesn't get any better, that is for sure.

On the flip side, responding to someone complimenting on the job well done by your company keeps them coming back. When a previous customer needs work done again, they're coming back to the people that cared enough about them to make sure they are satisfied. And part of that feeling of satisfaction comes from good communication to them, long after the job is done.

A response... a simple response to let your customer know that you care and are listening to what they have to say is so obvious, but yet people seem to forget the impact that it has. Even if it is not the response they were looking for, the effort in reaching out to someone can go a long way in someone's eyes.

So let's keep this simple for now. Today, reach out to someone that you need to respond to. Just one. Maybe someone left a comment on your Facebook wall... or tweeted about your service on twitter... respond to that. It will make a difference.

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