Check Your Marketing Arsenal

Check Your Marketing Arsenal
Footbridge Media
Footbridge Media April 6, 2009

If you are still struggling with leads and just not sure on what to do or try this time around, here is a list to make sure that you have everything on the list to create a marketing system that you can leave alone and not worry about.

  • Create a testimonial packet
  • Develop a picture portfolio
  • New Business Cards
  • Join a professional trade organization, like NARI, ACCA, ServiceRoundtable or NAHB
  • Create a Unique Selling Proposition
  • Send a Direct Mail Letter to past clients
  • Send a postcard to a target market
  • Create a new flyer
  • Seek out a Strategic Alliance
  • Call a successful contractor in another part of the country and start an idea exchange.
  • Run a lead generation ad offering a free report.
  • Hire a virtual assistant to follow up on your lead generation marketing
  • Start a monthly client newsletter
  • Develop your "intro package" and new client welcome kit.
  • Issue a press release to local media.
  • Offer to write an article for your local newspaper.
  • Create a never before, insane warranty and then brag about it.
  • Make your own company presentation book.
  • Create new letterhead
  • Make a follow-up call to a client.
  • Determine company strengths and weaknesses by
  • Send out a client survey.
  • Shoot a home video of your nicest projects, and make it into a marketing tool
  • Wash your truck – UPS washes their trucks every single day.
  • Get company T-shirts printed
  • Plan an open house party
  • Host a client appreciation event
  • Institute client of the month or project of the month award. Write about it in newsletter or your website

If you need assistance or are interested in implementing any of the ideas above, please contact your marketing consultant at Footbridge Media.

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