Facebook Ads: An Essential Element in Today's Marketing Strategy

Facebook Ads: An Essential Element in Today's Marketing Strategy
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Footbridge Media October 5, 2020

While digital marketing is a fast changing world, one traditional marketing concept seems to have remained a fundamental constant – the Rule of Seven. Simply put, prospective customers need to see or hear your message seven times before they trust you. With a busy and competitive marketplace, it's essential to break through the noise and communicate with your prospective customers where you'll be best received. In 2020, that often means on social media.

You're most likely aware that having a social media page is a smart resource for your business, however, just having one may not always be enough. In this article we'll break down the following:

  • Overview of Facebook users
  • How Facebook algorithm changes affect Pages
  • Benefits of Facebook ads
  • Three types of Facebook ads
  • Challenges of managing Facebook ads versus hiring a partner

Overview of Facebook Users

First a few statistics. At the end of 2020's Q2, there were 256 million Facebook users in the USA and Canada alone. In the US, roughly 60% of uses are between the ages of 25-64. Also important to note, is that 74% of active US Facebook users access the site daily. That's a lot of people you have the potential to reach every day! Or do you?

Algorithm Changes Affect Brands

Most users are aware Facebook makes A LOT of changes. It seems each month there is an update to the app. While some changes are merely running behind the scenes, others are quite major in both how they affect users and usage.

Facebook Pages first popped up in 2007 and have evolved tremendously. A decade after their introduction it felt Pages were given priority in the Newsfeed, which was fantastic for companies, large and small, and their ability to engage with fans and prospects. In 2018, however, Facebook started altering the algorithm and focusing less on linking people with brands and instead concentrating on connecting people with, well, people. As a human that sounds awesome! As a marketer, it's challenging.

Fast forward to this year, and 2020 is unofficially the "Year of Groups." Facebook has taken their goal of uniting people seriously and users from the world over are joining Groups. These Groups are often given priority in a user's Newsfeed, over individual Friends and Pages, plus they have their icon and feed.

As a result of the algorithm changes, organic reach continues to decline. Translation – Pages are not being seen by users as frequently. The solution – Facebook Ads.

Benefits of Facebook Ads

Although you may be skeptical to include Facebook Ads as part of your contractor's digital marketing strategy, there are several benefits to consider. A primary benefit is the ability to define your target audience so clearly. You don't have to target all 256 million users. Instead, look at your buyer personas or current best customers. Create a lookalike audience who will be receptive to your message and services. Facebook's data can help inform and guide your ad to those that have shown interest in similar products. If you feel the need to start small, perhaps focusing on a certain area or demographic as a test, you can do so easily.

The Analytics tool is extremely effective. You can quickly see how successful your campaign was and determine if it's worth repeating or in need of tweaking. By using these insights your campaigns, and their reach, are extremely scalable. Once you know how your test campaign performed, you can quickly apply the lessons learned. Digital ads are much easier to update than a traditional commercial.

In terms of ROI, you can generally expect a 10% conversion rate for ads categorized as Consumer Services. In terms of Home Improvement, Conversion Rates (defined as campaign goal fulfillment) are 6.56%, Click-Thru-Rates are just below the average at 0.7%, and Cost-Per-Click is an average $2.93. While every budget is different, when it comes to Facebook Ads, a little can go a long way.

Three Popular Types of Facebook Ads

  1. Single Image Ad. Just as it sounds, this ad has space for one image or graphic and some copy. You can link to a webpage. Simple and effective. Extremely recognizable and easy to customize.
  2. Carousel Ads. Still very image focused, but allow for up to 10 images. These have quickly become popular as the multiple images can be used in a variety of ways. You can highlight a service on each page, feature before-and-after, or even create a storyboard style campaign.
  3. Lead Ads. Mobile specific ads that typically feature an offer or promotion in exchange for information. Lead ads are the new kid on the block in terms of Facebook ad options. They feature an easy to fill form, pre-populated with information from their profile. Forms can be customized with questions. We recommend using as few questions as needed to qualify and capture contact information. Information gathered can also be synced with your CRM for easy management.

Facebook Ads Management – DIY or Hire a Partner?

While Facebook has done its best to make ad campaign management as user friendly as possible, it's still a time consuming process. Each time you set up a campaign there are lots of questions to consider. From image size, to number of characters allowed, to campaign objective, it's a lot to keep straight. Add to that, each type of ad has their own specifications.

Since they don't require the studio time that a commercial or radio ad might, it can be tempting to think you can click a few buttons and start advertising on your own. However, as part of your digital marketing strategy, your Facebook Ads deserve the same dedication as any other advertising investment.

By partnering with a social media advertising team, your campaigns will be more successful more quickly. When you work with a team, you'll experience less trial and error and be able to lean on their experiences and best practices to maximize your budget and results.

By using Facebook Ads you'll have another avenue to increase your chances of being seen and gaining trust faster. If you're interested in learning more about how they enhance your marketing, get in touch with one of our social media ad management team members today.

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