Contractor Website Do's and Don'ts

Contractor Website Do's & Don'ts
Chris Lonergan
Chris Lonergan December 18, 2020

For many prospective clients, your website is the first chance you get to impress users and convert lookers into leads. Let's go over a few basic contractor website do's and don'ts to help guide you along your marketing journey.

Contractor Website Do's

  • DO Have an experienced professional build your website
  • DO Build for beauty AND brains. It should look nice but also be well optimized
  • DO Include a strong call-to-action, like text or buttons that easily identify to a user how they get to the next step and contact you
  • DO Prepare individual pages of content for each of the major services you offer and areas you work within.
  • DO Develop a website that is mobile-friendly and secure
  • DO Add pictures of you, your employees, and your work to the site

Contractor Website Don'ts

  • DON'T Use Wix / SquareSpace / Or any other DIY web builder as your permanent website (Have you ever seen those types of websites ranking well in Google?)
  • DON'T Spend $$$$ on a nice looking website that isn't "Search Engine Optimized"
  • DON'T Make your website the way YOU like it. Make it the way that works best for your CUSTOMER.
  • DON'T Copy the look of your competitor who's doing well. They're doing well for a lot of reasons, not because they use a certain color or picture.
  • DON'T Stop improving the website. You should always add new projects and content on a regular basis.

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