Go Green. Kill Yellow!

Go Green. Kill Yellow!
Aaron O'Hanlon
Aaron O'Hanlon March 3, 2010

So as I was pulling out of the driveway today, I noticed once again, as I have for the past two weeks, that yellow bag jammed in the bushes at the end of the driveway. Which got me to thinking about all the businesses out there who spend $600, $800 or more to get their businesses listed there, and if yellow pages advertising is really a thing of the past.

A few years ago, I would have said if you were a service contractor, i.e. plumber, HVAC or electrician, that having a yellow pages ad may still be beneficial. Not anymore. You no longer need yellow pages. Each year the yellow book companies continue to increase their costs, as readership continues to drop. There are more yellow books now then there were 15 years ago, so you have to advertise in all of them in order to target the same audience.

If you are able to get out of your Yellow Pages contractor do so today. Take the money from your Yellow Pages and move it to online marketing. Creating a good Pay Per Click campaign would benefit you more in regards to your return on investment then yellow pages, and you would be able to modify, control and track your leads.

Organizing the Kill Yellow Pages Movement

I have stumbled upon one organization that attempting to eliminate the yellow pages: YellowPagesGoesGreen

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