Demonstrate Your Good Value Over a Competitor's Cheap Quote

Demonstrate Your Good Value Over a Competitor's Cheap Quote
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Footbridge Media April 6, 2023

As a contractor, what you're selling and providing for your customers is a service, and what consumers expect in return is high quality. The problem is that their vision can become clouded by the allure of a low estimate. It's important to remind potential clients that they get what they pay for and that good work isn't cheap but cheap work isn't good!

The goal is to entice your prospective customers with the promise of good value, which is quality results for a reasonable price. In the context of contractor services, value refers to the benefit or advantage that a contractor can offer their clients beyond just completing the task at hand. It is the added benefit that clients receive by hiring a particular contractor over others.

The value that a contractor can provide may include things like their experience, expertise, and knowledge in a particular area, their ability to complete the job on time and within budget, their level of professionalism and communication skills, and their willingness to go above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction.

Additionally, the value of contractor services may also be measured by the quality of the work produced, the level of attention to detail, and the overall level of customer service provided. A contractor who can consistently deliver high-quality work and excellent customer service can be a valuable asset to any client and can help to build long-lasting relationships that are beneficial to both parties.

In other words, you must represent these traits and values, but, just as importantly, you must convince the customer you're worth the higher cost. It doesn't mean you'll win every client every time, but you will earn quality business with home or business owners who are more likely to appreciate your work and provide you with referral business.

Top 5 Reasons Why Quality Surpasses Lower Pricing

There are many reasons why quality contractor work is superior to cheap work, but here are five good reasons you can share with your prospects:

  1. Longevity - Quality contractor work is built to last. It is often done with better materials, better techniques, and more attention to detail. This means that the work will not only look better but it will also last longer. On the other hand, cheap work may be done with subpar materials and techniques, leading to a shorter lifespan of the work.
  2. Fewer repairs - Quality contractor work is less likely to need repairs in the future. This is because the work is done properly the first time around. In contrast, cheap work may require frequent repairs, which can end up costing more money in the long run.
  3. Better aesthetics - Quality contractor work often looks better than shoddy work. This is because the contractor takes the time to ensure that everything is done correctly and looks good. Cheap work, on the other hand, may look rushed and unfinished.
  4. Increased home value - Quality contractor work can increase the value of a home. This is because potential buyers will be more willing to pay more for a home that has quality work done. In contrast, shoddy work may lower the value of a home because it may be seen as subpar.
  5. Peace of mind - Quality contractor work provides peace of mind. This is because the homeowner knows that the work is done correctly and will last. Cheap work, on the other hand, can lead to worry and stress because the homeowner may not be sure if the work was done properly.

How to Convey the Message to Your Clients

As a contractor, convincing customers that quality work is worth the extra cost compared to lower-cost options can be challenging. A top-quality contractor marketing agency can help make this process easier for you. Here are some ways to persuade customers that quality work is better:

Show past work: Another effective way to convince customers that quality work is better is to show them examples of past work. This allows customers to see the quality of work and understand how it compares to lower-cost options. By demonstrating the quality of work, customers are more likely to trust that they are getting what they pay for. Having a quality website and online marketing presence (like contractor social media marketing visibility) is a very easy way to demonstrate this in an instant to any customer with a keyboard or smartphone at their fingertips.

Provide references: Providing references from past customers who have experienced the benefits of high-quality work is another great way to convince potential customers. Hearing from others who have had a positive experience with your work can help to build trust and credibility. While some larger ticket item jobs may still require a proper referral sheet - a well-established base of online reviews can be a great way to demonstrate some social proof.

Explain the potential risks of lower-cost options: It's important to explain to customers the potential risks of choosing lower-cost options. Cheaper work may be done with subpar materials or techniques, leading to a shorter lifespan and requiring more repairs. By emphasizing the risks of lower-cost options, customers can understand that quality work is a better investment in the long run.

Explain the long-term benefits: One of the best ways to convince customers that quality work is better is to explain the long-term benefits. High-quality work will last longer, require fewer repairs, and look better than lower-cost options. By emphasizing these benefits, customers can understand that investing in quality work is a better long-term solution.

Focus on customer satisfaction: Finally, emphasizing your commitment to customer satisfaction can help to convince customers that quality work is better. Quality work is often done with more attention to detail and customer needs, which can lead to greater satisfaction in the end. By showing that your focus is on providing a high-quality experience for the customer, they are more likely to see the value in investing in quality work.

In conclusion, convincing customers that quality work is better than lower-cost options requires effective communication and demonstration of the long-term benefits. By focusing on customer satisfaction, emphasizing the potential risks of lower-cost options, and showing past work and references, customers can understand that quality work is worth the investment.

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