You're in the Marketing Business, Whether You Like It or Not

You're in the Marketing Business, Whether You Like It or Not
Chris Lonergan
Chris Lonergan September 6, 2017

Running a small business means you have to wear a lot of hats. If you are a sole proprietor or the owner/operator of a small crew, that means you have to do it all. Billing and payroll, training, supply orders, the whole nine yards. And that responsibility extends to how your business is presented to the world.

Don't want to deal with that whole marketing thing? Too bad. If you operate a small business – then you're in the marketing business too, whether you like it or not.

A business cannot rely solely on word-of-mouth or a single method of obtaining leads. You need to have a strategy with multiple fronts; and that involves active participation. Marketing can not be a set-it-and-forget-it endeavor. If you run a business, you must run a plan to actively market your business – even if you have an online marketing company working with you.

But, I'm Too Busy

We've said it before but it bears repeating – operating a business requires an investment. It is up to you and your unique situation to decide whether you are spending time or money on your business. If you are too busy to prepare and pull the trigger on some basic marketing business as well, you should consider just getting a job instead.

A Little Marketing Business 101

Your business has a life; it is an entity onto itself. How you portray your living, breathing business is the basis of marketing. Think of any brand name – McDonald's, Nike, Apple, Google, Budweiser – Your brain has an immediate response. You feel something in particular when you think of those companies. Why?

Part of that has to do with the experiences you personally have had with those companies. But along with that, you have been presented with a variety of messages and materials that shaped your interpretation of their business. It was the stories in the news, pictures of their product, reviews of friends who shared experiences, TV commercials, magazine ads, radio spots, slogans, etc.. All of those experiences were shaped by those companies in one way or another. None of these things happened accidentally.

While you're not going to focus on the same brand awareness initiatives that multi-billion dollar companies like Amazon can afford to put on – you can still be a vital part of your business marketing with a nominal investment of your efforts and a basic budget.

Ideas for Contributing to Your Marketing That Takes Less Than 5 Minutes

The best way to handle your marketing with you are crunched for time is to chip away at it. Schedule one part of your day every day or at least once a week and devote yourself to marketing your company. Here are some ways that you can, in less than 5 minutes, get some major marketing business done.

How Much Marketing Do I Need to Do to Stay Ahead of the Game?

The best answer is "as long as a piece of string". It is vitally important that you are active in your contractor marketing, and as much as you can bear the better. When you are short on time, it is best to maximize your time spent on marketing by partnering with an online marketing professional – like Footbridge Media. This allows you to maximize the efficiency your personal marketing efforts.

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