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Is Blogging Important for Home Improvement Contractors?

Home improvement contractors have a lot on their plates day to day. Between servicing existing customers, building new clientele, cultivating a referral base and many other aspects of growing a business, it’s amazing there is still time for actual work. During those precious moments at the office, while catching up on paperwork, the conscientious contractor does his due diligence on the best strategies employed to obtain a steady inflow of projects. In that time you’ve all seen in mentioned, heard it talked about, this thing; Blogging.  But that is an easy topic to set aside in the recesses of the mind for future enquiry. After all, you’re a builder not a writer. Your hands craft wood and steel into shapes and functional improvements for homes, and they are full enough with that.

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Six Content Marketing Ideas for Contractors

When it comes to your website content is important. As Footbridge Media focuses on the optimization of your website, it is important to provide information that the client is looking for and will convert potential website visitors to leads. It is beneficial that the following six things are on your website.

1) What is The History of your Company?

Let’s be honest. Every summer the local news does a report about “crooked contractors”, especially during the storm season. It is imperative to display all information to a potential client on your website as well as all marketing materials. You want to display definite proof that you are a local contractor that is in good standing that provides stellar work. This includes the most basic information: More Information »

Contractor Blogging: Just Do It!

Blogging for contractorsThe most important quality in a successful home improvement blog is to write good quality content.  And as an owner of a home improvement company, I am going to assume that you are the expert when it comes to the services and products you provide. So the best solution is to simply share some of the expertise with your audience. Yet due to time constraints or “fear of writing”, I see many contractors avoid writing blog posts.

This is where we say, “Just Do It!” You do not have to be a professional writer, or novelist looking to win a Pulitzer.  Simply write what you know in your own voice. Be Yourself. You should always write to help your readers and potential customers. More Information »

So You Started Blogging: 5 Tips To Make Your Contractor Blog Successful

Blogging for contractorsI have noticed that many of our contractor clients have begun writing their own blog posts. I strongly encourage this, as it helps educate your clients as well as a potential use for search engine optimization. When you are a home improvement contractor, blogging can create what marketers call a “buzz”. Lots of homeowners all around the world are going to be able to access your content. Take the time to avoid publishing anything that might embarrass your company. Proof read, spell check and then proof read again. More Information »